Dog Park At Green Valley



I must apologize if my articles offended any members of PAWS in the Park. I had no intentions of having a conflict. I had originally suggested the park be moved to Green Valley, however, I no longer want the dog park moved. I would rather have PAWS in the Park support me in a new park at Green Valley Park. There is adequate space, a ramada, grass, the restrooms are not porta-potties, there is no sand to blow, and there is no polluted runoff from the road, or any polluted rivers or ponds.

I never said anything about people not picking up after their dogs. The people do a good job at that. I even provided a pooper-scooper and a handcart for the convenience of the more conscientious people that pick up for others that inadvertently missed their dog messes.

I circulated a petition at PAWS’ last event and in addition to many, there were several members that signed and agreed that a new park was a good idea. I have solicited numerous Payson citizens walking their dogs on the streets and at Green Valley Park. They were all excited to have a nice, clean park with all the amenities that Green Valley offers.

Dog owners are taxpayers too, they support the town in many ways, they were responsible for PetSmart coming to town. I must inform you PetSmart made their generous contribution for all dogs not just for PAWS in the Park.

John McCauley


Pat Randall 3 years, 6 months ago

Mr. McCauley, Why do you want the dog park moved? Many people contributed to the one we now have. I don't think they would like the idea. The dogs are happy. Believe me if you have grass in a dog park it won't be long before it will be a big smelly, dirty mess. The geese there are bad enough. You can't walk without stepping in something they have left. Leave the park where it is. It is very nice and doesn't seem to be bothering anyone but you. We don't need it at Green Valley. There is no where to put it and not enough parking for what goes on now. Leave Green Valley for people. Does moving it have anything to do with wanting to enlarge the library which isn't needed either? I wish people would stop thinking up things to spend money on that isn't needed and we don't have money for. If not we will all be taxed out of our homes.


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