A Tragic Week For So Many


It’s been a hard week for so many. How do I begin this column? There has been so much happening that I feel numb. First the horrendous fire at All Bikes in Rye. My husband and I have known Ron Adler for a number of years and the loss of perhaps a few million dollars of inventory is heartbreaking. Ron had many items that are irreplaceable. What happens now? Does all the fire damage need to be cleaned out? His business is gone. I know that there were homes lost in the trailer park too, my heart goes out to those people also. Can the thrift stores open their doors to those people who lost everything and let them get whatever they need?

The next blow hit on Monday morning when the news reported that 19 Hot Shots were lost in the Yarnell fire. The news was like a punch in the stomach. Not only are those residents suffering the loss of their homes, but are now mourning the loss of those brave and courageous firefighters. How terribly sad.

The firefighters are like a brotherhood and the loss of those Hot Shots hits home to all firefighters. There are many communities that are thinking of how to help the families in some way. The ladies of the Hellsgate Fire Department will be holding a bake sale at the Double D Restaurant on Saturday, July 6. The ladies are asking everyone to bake something like berry pies and bring the item to the restaurant’s general store around 11 a.m. All the proceeds will go to the Fireman’s Association Benevolent Fund.

Hellsgate Fire Department

There are two units of Hellsgate firefighters that have been sent to the Yarnell fire. The first unit includes Captain John Wisner, Engineers Jeff Yunkans, Matthew McKindley and David Carlen.

The second unit sent includes Engineers Bob Evanson, Bobbi Doss, and Dustin Marsh. Prayers go with you for your safe return.  

Hellsgate Fire station #21 is now shorthanded and newly graduated fire ops recruits have jumped right in to give a helping hand at the station. They are Bryan Kral and Ilyas Sekandari. They are washing the fire trucks and bundling up fire hose and anything that needs to be done to pick up the slack. A big thank you to both of you.

The next fire board meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 10 at station #22 in Tonto Village.

Dangerous dogs

I have received reports of roaming dogs that are biting pedestrians and other animals while walking around the Village. There is a leash law in the county and owners can be fined for letting their dogs run loose. If anyone sees a loose dog, they are encouraged to call animal control or the Sheriff’s Department.

Shelby School

There will be an open house on Tuesday, July 30 for Shelby School in Tonto Village. The address is 23 Standage Drive. The phone number is (928) 478-4706. Everyone is welcome to tour the school and enroll the students. School will begin on Aug. 1 at 8:15 a.m. All buses will be running to pick up the students.

“You know you are from Arizona when ...” has been popular on Facebook lately. Here are a few that I have found:

“You discover in July it only takes two fingers to drive your car, because your steering wheel is so hot.”

“You run your air conditioner in the middle of winter so you can use your fireplace.”

Have a safe weekend and be oh so careful with anything that produces a flame.


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