Couple Turns Hardship Into Treasure Hunt



This is a story of a couple who lost their home in Tucson to foreclosure, leaving them homeless.

They packed their belongings in a cart and leashed up their three small dogs and started walking. Their journey took them through Oracle, Florence Junction, Apache Junction, Tortilla Flats, Apache and Roosevelt lakes, Tonto Basin, Payson and a few miles toward Camp Verde.

At that point, they were approached by concerned strangers. The couple and their dogs had been walking close to three weeks and were headed to Flagstaff for promised work. After a short visit, the strangers loaded the couple’s belongings, their dogs and the couple into their SUV.

On the way to Flagstaff, the couple told the story of their journey thus far. It was truly a journey for them. They told us of the beautiful nights sleeping under a blanket of stars, the glitter of lights from cities below as they sat upon a mountaintop, the sounds of wildlife, the freshness of the mountain air. It was a new world for them; a beautiful world to them despite their hardships.

They made their walk into a treasure hunt seeing what could be found. Their attitudes were positive. Never a complaint about where they were in life right now. Move on and make the best of what is, Donald said. Be patient. Their attitudes toward life were enlightening.

Upon arriving in Flagstaff, getting them settled, we departed. Sad, but beautiful. They turned a destitute situation into something positive.

There are many stories like theirs, but in this story, we had a firsthand experience. This story shows the resilience of this American couple. Their plight, their perseverance, their will to survive. They truly are survivors in the true since of the word.

So we are the richest nation in the world ... or are we?

Donald is suffering from stomach cancer.

As for the strangers, it was heart wrenching and humbling. I stood on my back porch and gazed out into my garden thinking of this couple with nothing but hope. How I am blessed ... truly!

Carol Duggan


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