Dogs Are A Gift



I am compelled to respond to a recent letter titled “Dog Park problem.”

Dogs are man’s best friends. No, dogs are God’s best gift to man.

Dogs are the same species that save the lives of our soldiers in the wars. They are the ones that protect our police officers. As a matter of fact, recently one just gave his life for a Phoenix police officer. They are service dogs that lead the blind, assist the deaf, children with special needs, they give aid and comfort to our wounded warriors.

For every dog at the park there are at least two humans who love and care for these gentle lovable creatures. There are several elderly men and women; some that have trouble walking. There are at least two ladies that come in their wheelchairs, with their service dogs and one petite little girl that weighs about 60 pounds. She comes with her St. Bernard that weighs about 200 pounds.

Now if I understand this letter writer correctly, they would like to see these people walking down our narrow streets with no sidewalks, or frolicking out in the forest?

Nowhere in my letters have I asked the town for one red cent.

Me thinks the problem is yours.

John J. McCauley


Pat Randall 3 years, 6 months ago

Mr. McCauley, I think you did ask for money in a roundabout way. Maybe not from the town, but the people that put up the money for the park. The town did not pay for the park. You want the park at Rumsey removed and one built at Green Valley Park. Do you think that would not take money? Find the group that arranged for the dog park and ask them how much cash it took and many, many hours of volunteer work. Do you want to pay for a new park or just complain? There is no where at GVP for it and there would be a problem with all the kids that go there and the events that are held there.
Sit down and read all the things you have written about the dog park. Then THINK!


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