Honoring Heroes



On Sunday, June 30, Ponderosa Bible Church did a wonderful job of doing what it could to honor our local heroes — the first responders. We believe the church services, and each of those who attended, did appropriately honor the heroes (our local police and firemen). But some of those who would have been honored could not attend because they were battling a fire in Rye. As we now know, later that day 19 other Arizona heroes died while fighting a fire in the Yarnell area.

On Monday, at a ceremony to honor the deceased firemen, Rep. Matt Salmon quoted Jesus’ words from John 15:13 (NAS) — “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

After that comment, Brahm Resnik, the KPNX TV news reporter, was overwhelmed with sorrow as he considered the tragedy he was reporting.

Each of us in our own way need to continue honoring our heroes. We can do that through cards, greetings and other acknowledgements of appreciation.

We would also suggest that each of us have daily prayers, in Jesus’ name, for the families of our fallen heroes, along with donations to them or to places like KGCB, the Christian radio station in Prescott.

Sincerely and in prayer,

Jerry and Nancy Green


Barbara Rasmussen 3 years, 6 months ago

Such a wonderful and spiritual offering to show support of our First Responders. It was a hard day for them after fighting the fire in Rye and then learning of the loss of 19 of their brothers. Thank you for all that you did. God Bless you


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