Time To Do Something



If it took Tommie Cline Martin five years to hammer out an agreement that is going to be deadlocked for another five years, then she is dealing with selfish, corrupt individuals.

If these people, from a multitude of government agencies, had any concern whatsoever about our forests, and the animals that live in them, they would meet once a month for five or six months, get off their rear ends, and do something good for our earth for a change.

How hard is it to understand that, let’s say any and all trees that are 12 inches in diameter or less, are totally sucking water out of the earth that the remaining trees could use to become mature and strong?

Also, these sucker trees are the reason our seasonal creeks have all but disappeared. The meadow areas our forest used to have, where sunlight could filter in and animals could gather are gone. Vague guidelines won’t suffice anymore.

Every time I drive from Pine to the Happy Jack area, up Highway 87, I see hundreds of thousands of trees that are anywhere from four inches in diameter to maybe eight inches in diameter, clogging up the forest and half of them leaning over because they are weak suckers. It makes me sick, so I try not to look at them.

So all of you supposed environmentalists and heads of government agencies, when you take home your paycheck, remember that it’s actually blood money, not money you can be proud of earning.

Ginger Jeffers


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