4th Of July Parade Draws Record Number Of Entries

Debbie Dawson and granddaughter Grace in their Fourth of July ride in the Christopher Creek parade.

Debbie Dawson and granddaughter Grace in their Fourth of July ride in the Christopher Creek parade.


Christopher Creek had itself a parade last Saturday!

First of all, the weather could not have been more perfect. Then, there were people coming out of the woodwork for the holiday weekend. And, finally, we had a record 71 entries in our little Independence Day Weekend Procession!

While there are no official judges and there are no prizes awarded, recognition must be given where it is due. The many superlative decorating efforts must be mentioned. Folks decorated their rides with flags, mylar balloons, whirlies, spirals, pom-poms, and garland, all in shiny red, blue and chrome. One had patriotic rubber duckies dangling from the canopy. Then there were those whose decorating was quite imaginative, as was the case with Sal and Kathy Mesta’s ride.

Uncle Sam was in the procession. Six-year-old John Paul rode his motorbike. But the consensus hit of the parade was Wiley Boggess and his boys riding a quad and pulling his decorated boat and trailer with his relatives aboard! Several hundred spectators witnessed the 7-week-old colt alongside his mother in the equestrian unit. Another unit featured Mimi Tidwell, along with military veterans L.R. Forman, Bob Lusson and Bobby Collins, whose ages combined for a total of 335 years!

Olive Matus was our parade marshal and during the day she confided that leading a parade in Christopher Creek was on her bucket list. She thoroughly enjoyed her day. Retired oil executive John Buchholz had his granddaughters with him. In an emotional declaration, he said that for his money this was what America is all about: great community participation, a wonderful time for children, and a small-town, patriotic event without a lot of money involved. He has my agreement on all but the money part. It appeared to me that the local dollar-stores must have done quite well!

Our hats off to Irma Armenta, who filled in for an absent CCHOA board member and organized the event, lining up entries from the edge of the Landmark property down the Loop all the way to the fire department! Thanks, also, to the fellas from CKFD, who did the traffic stops and drove an engine in the parade. Thank you Landmark folks for providing the ice cream sandwiches, afterward.

On parade eve, Bonnie Rhodes hosted one of many local weekend parties. Her soiree was attended by 25 or so folks, some from as far away as San Diego! Ribs and a buffet enough for an army, libations and an organ-piano player made for a perfectly delightful evening. Music included a roll-call of the military service songs and it was quite humorous as some of us older vets struggled to get out of those canvas chairs to render a hand salute, having already been through that chow line!

Bonnie introduced us to the new residents in the first home on the end of Up the Hill Drive. Welcome to the Creek family, Paul and Heather Callahan!

Cowboy Scottie brought by one of his numbered prints from the Homestead painting. They are all matted, framed and are very well done. There are only 50 available.

A light went out in the C-Canyon RV Park early Friday morning. Bill Hamner and his two sons will soon announce a celebration of life for their wife and mother. Good night, Debbie.

Star Valley Mayor Ronnie McDaniel stopped by over the weekend and has agreed to speak about the search and rescue effort for the 1970 Labor Day Flood. Tim Ehrhardt has joined the interview panel as well. The reunion location has been tentatively set at the Landmark back patio. Further details are forthcoming.

Back in the day ... my first visit to the Creek was 1971. Mimi let me sleep on her back porch. She lined me up with my first date. On Saturday evening we walked hand in hand, crossed the creek and made our way up Apple Lane. The way was dark and it seemed as though we were walking through a jungle. They had a lot of rain the previous September.

There wasn’t a large crowd at the Christopher Creek Bar. A fella was singing old Hank Williams, accompanied by a gal playing guitar. We sat at one of four or five large, round tables. The bar was brand new. It was heaven for this 25-year-old. OK, my date was 5-year-old Tammi, Mimi’s granddaughter and present day Mrs. Mike Milhon. The singer was Heber White and Blanche was playing the guitar ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

Much like fine steel, forged, metaphorically, in the heat of the Arizona desert, quenched in her mountain snows and honed to a keen edge, so were the Granite Mountain Hotshots, sharpened in their skills and hardened in their physical ability and commitment. Arizona has been honored by the service and sacrifice of so many fine young men.


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