Chatter Ruined Concert



Once again, a great concert in the park was ruined for my husband and me.

John Carpino and the Hot Cappuccinos played and as we really like them, we deliberately arrived early, so as to be in a prime listening spot. We sat through the intermittent sprinkles, and enjoyed the sound check, which was our indication that we had chosen our spot wisely.

Just as the music was starting, two older couples and a young man set up their chairs within about five feet of us.

From the moment the chairs were in place the two older women started gabbing. One or the other of them was yapping from then on. When the music would get a bit louder, so would they — almost as if they felt that the music was disturbing their conversation. The younger man, who appeared to possibly be a military grandson maybe, started out enjoying the music, tapping his feet and generally moving to the beat. Finally, he gave up listening to the music and started playing with his smart phone.

I loudly “shushed” several times to no avail.

Finally, my husband who is one of the easiest going, no worries, kind of guy, asked if I minded leaving as he could not enjoy the music with these two harpies jawing next to him. We left just as intermission was starting.

Not only is this type of behavior rude, inconsiderate and discourteous to the people around you, it is exceedingly rude and disrespectful to the performers who come out, and give it their all, only to be ignored by some, in favor of a personal conversation.

I sincerely doubt that these people would behave thusly at a play, the opera or a concert for which they paid big money. Why then do they feel that they can and should be so extremely rude, simply because it is free?

If these people wish to chat and visit, stay home, or go to a coffee shop, or a restaurant, or move to a spot not surrounded by other people who truly wish to just enjoy the music.

These women were not the only ones, by any means. A large group behind us was also carrying on, just not constantly.

I apologize to John Carpino and his fellow performers for the rude people who made it impossible for us to enjoy the great music.

Should this happen in the future, I will not hesitate to approach the talkers and mention that I am certain that they would not knowingly be so incredibly rude as to disturb someone else’s evening and that it would be appreciated if they would take their conversation elsewhere so as to not continue disturbing the enjoyment of others.

Kim Chittick


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 6 months ago

Kim, Sorry the concert was ruined for you and Mike. As we've discussed this type of issue before, you know my feelings in that regard. Until time as truly considerate respectful folks start confronting these inconsiderate types directly and hastily, they will simply continue or get worse if that's possible. Many are simply too dense to recognize their discourteousness until someone makes them recognize it. Unfortunately there are no "Manners Police" in Payson.


Kim Chittick 3 years, 6 months ago

Thank Ron, for your kind words! You can be assured that I am done having a lovely evening ruined by inconsiderate folks such as these. I will speak up in the future.


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