Obama Needs To Do Something For America



I have written several letters to the Roundup that have never been published, but it seems every issue there is one from either Noble Collins or Ted Paulk.

I was hoping being a graduate of North High in Phoenix, the same high school that John Naughton graduated from, I would get more letters published.

Ted Paulk and his comments about Rush and O’Reilly not being credible news pundits. What about those MSNBC people? His comments about Bachmann and Palin, I don’t like. What about Joe Biden? What a joke. He doesn’t like statements directed at Obama, what about eight years of comments about Bush.

I’m tired of Obama giving anything to foreign countries and I wish we were out of the U.N. Spend money on American citizens.

I am against illegal immigration. We have laws no one enforces them. Any person that crosses the border illegally has committed a crime.

Obama do something for America, not other countries.

Dale R. Kasl


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