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There is no city on earth like New York City. It has to be a must on every traveler’s list. You have the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, along with thousands of restaurants. Some of the best shopping is here, as well as famous museums and other attractions.

There is no city on earth like New York City. It has to be a must on every traveler’s list. You have the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, along with thousands of restaurants. Some of the best shopping is here, as well as famous museums and other attractions.


Many of us wait until the last minute to plan for a vacation. Suddenly, time has slipped away and before you know it the good weather months are passing by.

Maybe you would like to take an automobile trip, but haven’t decided where to go.

Where you visit depends on how much time you have. Perhaps you are retired and you have all the time in the world. Here are some ideas.

If you have never visited the East Coast of the United States consider driving to New York City or flying there, renting a car, then driving around the New York and New England areas. Fall is the best time to see the bright colors of yellow, red and brown as trees and plants begin their cooler weather sleep.

The “Big Apple” is like no other city on earth. If you have visited before, you will still see sights you haven’t in the past. It’s the most diverse city in the United States. You have the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, along with thousands of restaurants. Some of the best shopping is here, as well as famous museums and other attractions.

Next stop is Boston, the birthplace of independence. You can explore the narrow streets, learn the history of the area and see quaint neighborhoods. From there, you can drive a classic New England route with time to explore the beautiful coastlines of Maine, Rhode Island and Cape Cod. Plus there is the stunning mountain scenery of New Hampshire and Vermont. The colors become vibrant during October. Be sure to take your camera.

The great Pacific Northwest is wonderful during the late summer and fall periods. You can take your time and drive from home to the coast, then follow the highways northward to end in Seattle. Driving the California, Oregon and Washington State coastline is most pleasant. The roads are good and most of the scenery is spectacular. You’ll find interesting villages and towns all the way up the coast, which are fun to stop and visit.

There will also be nice, clean motels along the way. You might even take a week or so just to get to Seattle. I find that driving not more than 300 miles per day doesn’t take much out of me as does speeding and trying to cover at least 500 or more miles per day.

Spend a couple days in both Portland and Seattle, as there is much to do in both. The cities are rather sophisticated so take with you more than blue jeans and a sweater. Prepare for rain. In Portland and Seattle there are very fine “name” hotels.

As you work your way north there will be more and more seafood on the menus. Don’t pass up the delights from the sea. It will be fresh and very tasty. Seattle is known for smoked salmon. It’s the best in the world. Be sure to order a large serving.

The western coastal route is one of the more beautiful in the United States. Should you not wish to drive the distance, get yourself to Los Angeles and then take one of the most scenic railway trips in the West by boarding the Coast Starlight, which departs mid-morning arriving in Seattle the second day. Reserve a private room to get a good rest and you can also visit the lounge car as well as the diner. When taking sleeping accommodations your meals in the diner are included. You can rent a car in both Portland and Seattle for your exploration.

If time and money are not really tight, book a room on the paddle wheeler steam boat that will cruise you up the Columbia River from Portland for a week. This will also be relaxing. You stop in small towns along the way. Your travel agent can assist you with reservations.

Many travelers visit Colorado and its tall mountains. If you are in the mood for this area be prepared to see snow capped mountains that will include Pike’s Peak, mining towns, ski towns and plan to stay in at least one fine resort for a couple days. You may choose to fly to Denver, rent a car and drive out from there. Plan your trip carefully obtaining maps and other information so you won’t miss a thing. If you are a member of the AAA Auto Club they will supply you with wonderful maps and other material that will help you get around.

There are rivers, lakes, national parks and ancient ruins to explore. You’ll never forget your vacation here.

New Orleans and its surrounding area are also fascinating. Think about booking a cabin on the Queen of the Mississippi paddle wheel boat and you can be rollin’ on the river for a week. The vessel only recently began its river cruising and I get good feedback from travelers who have already enjoyed the boat. The scenery from a moving boat is always interesting and one never tires of just sitting in a chair watching the world go by. The onboard food will be slightly southern which will make each day more interesting. You will have an American crew and officers. It will be rather costly when compared to an ocean-going cruise but will be well worth the time and money. Dial 1-866-226-7696 for more information and reservations.

If you are into visiting cities, it may interest you to know which are “America’s Snobbiest Cities”.

In other words, which city has its nose in the air almost everywhere you go?

Number one has to be San Francisco. You have to dress up in many locations at various times of the day depending on the events you are visiting. People have to dress up even to go shopping downtown. The cooler weather may be partially responsible for this.

Number two is probably New York City. Its tops for great music events, live theatre, art galleries, and fine dining.

Number three is Boston. It’s a college town steeped in history and is the center for the Ivy League universities. The city claims a fine symphony orchestra, brainpower, great bookshops and poor drivers. You will find three days here very interesting.

It may surprise you to learn Minneapolis/St. Paul ranks fourth in the snobbiest city category.

It is also bookish, indie-music loving, beer drinking and the people are folksy, hikers and many do ice surfing. Some folks fish in the Chain of Lakes where they can bring home good catches.

It was no surprise to me when I learned Santa Fe, N.M. ranked number five on this list. Here you will find many good readers, some fine museums, native crafts, an opera house and few sports bars.

Wherever you decide to go, I hope you get a lot of enjoyment and beautiful scenery and we will welcome you upon your return home.

Senior Circle travel

Payson Regional Medical Center’s Senior Circle enriches the lives of people older than 50 for a $15 annual membership fee and programs, including special travel opportunities.

Travel planned in the next several months:

A tour of Ireland from Sept. 1-10 for $2,099 per person, double (does not include airfare)

A trip to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival Oct. 8-11 and costs $775 per person, double occupancy, which includes ground transportation.

A Presidential Libraries Tour to California Nov. 7-9 for $499 per person, double occupancy.

Two different trips are planned in December – a two-day tour of holiday events in Arizona is Dec. 5-7, it includes the light show in Sedona; and there is also a one-day trip to Barleens Arizona Opry on Dec. 7. The first trip costs $375 per person, double occupancy. The one-day trip is $85 per person.

For information, call AZ Trails Travel at 1-888-799-4284 or e-mail

Make reservations through the Senior Circle, (928) 472-9260.


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