Gcc Lowers Tuition, Stops Charging Seniors

Gila Community College Payson Campus

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Gila Community College Payson Campus



Tom Loeffler GCC board member

In a three-to-one vote, the Gila Community College Board Thursday decided to return tuition prices to the pre-2011 schedule and reinstate free tuition for seniors.


Larry Stephenson GCC Board President

“We have a lot of compelling reasons to do this today,” said board secretary Sam Moorehead.

Despite Northern Gila County board member Tom Loeffler’s concerns about the cost to issue partial refunds to anyone that had already signed up for the Fall 2013 semester, southern county board members unanimously voted for the tuition change.

The move comes after the board two years ago raised rates and started charging seniors 25 percent of tuition, which led to a mass exodus of students.

“We need to do something because we’re bleeding profusely and losing students,” said Robert Ashford.

Board President Larry Stephenson declined to participate in the discussion or to vote on the new tuition schedule.

Here is a comparison of the in-state tuition schedules:

2011 tuition; Fall 2013 tuition

1 credit $105.63; $85.50

2–6 credits $211.25; $169.00

7 credits $381.88; $305.50

8 credits $552.50; $442.00

9 credits $723.13; $578.50

10 credits $893.75; $715.00

11 credits $1,064.38; $851.50

12+ $1,235.00 ; $988.00


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