High School Students Have Drinking Water



Due to a lack of readily accessible drinking water, for many years, Payson High School students have been walking around campus chronically dehydrated.

Not any longer, thanks to funds generated from their annual golf tournament, Safeway managers, Russ Youngcourt and Dan Dillon, have provided PHS with a generous water station grant, which has allowed us to provide our students with nine new sources of cold-filtered water.

The grant was so generous that we were able to install two brand-new, state-of-the-art water stations and retrofit three existing fountains, which quickly refill reusable water bottles and have a nifty feature that counts how many plastic water bottles were saved from their demise in the local landfill.

These new water stations will not freeze, which allowed them to be installed in student traffic patterns, now students can easily rehydrate on their way to class.

The new outside water bottle filling stations also have two water fountains, which dispense the same cold-filtered water as does the water bottle refilling feature.

Russ and Dan also provided another grant, which allowed the Pine Strawberry School to develop a third-grade community garden, which will greatly enhance these students’ educational experience.

Safeway has consistently provided exemplary customer service to their patrons and now, they have once again extended that service to support the students of this community. Their continued commitment to the success of our students is very much appreciated!

George Conley

PHS Water Station coordinator


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