Hope The Rest Of July Is Calm

Tessa Karrys is currently in Siem Reap, Cambodia volunteering for EGBOK Mission.

Tessa Karrys is currently in Siem Reap, Cambodia volunteering for EGBOK Mission.


The past two weeks have been sorrowful, hectic and enjoyable. Sorrowful because of the loss of so many firefighters at one time. Hectic because of the 4th of July celebrations. Enjoyable because most of you took the time to watch the fireworks display at Green Valley Park and took part in the benefit held at the Double D Restaurant two days after the 4th of July for the victims of that terrible wildfire and then the death of Richard Pinkerton of Star Valley and the memorials that took place by the Hellsgate Fire Department.

The rest of the month should be quiet, hopefully, and maybe make time to go fishing. 

There was a report from a Phoenix television station regarding the likelihood of running into a rattlesnake because of the rains in the Valley. We also need to be very careful in Rim Country. The monsoons bring out more of these creepy crawlies than I like to imagine, but everyone needs to be cautious if you are hiking or fishing. The critters need water too. By the way, have you been inundated with beetles of all kinds? There has been an influx of them trying to come into the house lately, giant ones as well as tiny ones. What’s up with that?

Bear Flat news

A permanent resident of the area keeps meticulous records on precipitation in that area. I was given pretty surprising statistics for the past three months. In May there should have been .84 inches of rainfall, there was none. In June there should have been .41 inches of rain, there was .02. For the month of July the rainfall amount should reach 4.28 inches. So far, the total is 1.05 inches. According to her records, measurable rainfall should have started by July 12. Not so far!

Shelby School

Former Shelby School student and current vocal coach Tessa Karrys is volunteering for EGBOK Mission in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She is now halfway through a three and a half month stay. The EGBOK Mission is an international non-profit organization alleviating poverty by empowering underprivileged young adults with the educational and vocational training needed to support themselves as hospitality professionals. Tessa teaches English and computer skills among other things.

Well known locally in Payson for her singing and song writing, Tessa has landed a gig performing weekly at an Italian restaurant in Siem Reap — they bill her evening show as “Tuesday’s with Tessa.” 

Remember to find out more about the Shelby School by attending its open house from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 30.  Meet the staff and hear about plans for the 2013-2014 season. Prospective students, with their families, are welcome to enroll. Current students will be registering at the open house as well. School starts Aug. 1.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

A potluck birthday celebration was held this past weekend for Barb Wheeler of Christopher Creek. Since Ethel Cain’s birthday was also that Sunday, it turned out to be a dual birthday party. Happy birthday to Barb and Ethel. 

Another birthday party will be held at the Double D on Friday evening for Tonto Village resident Nick Fitch. Nick also happens to be captain of the Hellsgate Fire Department stationed out of station #22 in the Village. Nick has been a tremendous support of the community and for the Hellsgate Fireflies Auxiliary. He has buggy-lugged pop-ups, tables and chairs for the Fireflies when they have their events. The Fireflies appreciate all that he has done. They wish him a very happy birthday.

On July 22, Roy Tolby of Tonto Village III will add another candle to his birthday cake. On July 24, Lonie Smith of Ellison Creek Summer Homes will celebrate her birthday. Lonie has volunteered to assist the Hellsgate Fireflies at the drop of a hat, even though Lonie is very involved in the firewise program in her community. Thank you for your support, Lonie.

July 26, Dick Watson will add another candle to his birthday cake, 79 of them! Better have a fire extinguisher handy, or a firefighter or two. Have a wonderful birthday, Dick.

Anniversary wishes to Dick and Marilyn Lamb of Kohl’s Ranch when they celebrate 56 years of marriage on July 27. That’s remarkable in this day and age. Happy anniversary to you.

On the same day, former Village residents, Gary and “Charlie” Martin will also be celebrating their anniversary. Happy anniversary to both couples.  

Recipe of the week

I came across this recipe on the Internet, and it intrigued me because it advertised “single serving chocolate brownies in 2 minutes.” If you are like me, you need a chocolate fix every so often. This recipe makes it really easy. Here it is:

1 tablespoon whole wheat flour, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa, a pinch of baking soda, a pinch of salt, 1 tablespoon yogurt or applesauce. Mix and pop in microwave oven for just over 1 minute. Enjoy!


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