No Reason To Celebrate Independence Now



I used to love the 4th of July. Right up there with Halloween and Christmas in my book. Now I am wondering what exactly we are celebrating.

Independence from the oppressive English was a long time ago, yet our freedom was hard fought for; paid for with blood and broken families and uncountable tears ...

And here we are, a mere few hundred years later, blindly walking into oppression, loss of personal freedoms, a government that spies on its own people and uses governmental agencies to punish those it sees as “enemies.”

So what are we celebrating?

Unmanned drones? Executions without due process? The abrogation of our constitutional rights? Legislation by emotion and knee-jerk reactions and special interest groups?

United we were ...

Divided we are ...

Wholesale loss of freedoms for the illusion of security. A nanny state that honestly believes we as a people are too stupid to do for ourselves ... So they must do for us, and be our perpetual parents in order to protect us from ourselves.

Happy Independence Day ... To a nation rapidly becoming dependent upon elected officials to tell us what is best for us and to provide for us and to ultimately enslave us.

I’m not much in a celebratory mood. Think I’ll go clean my toilet and then head over to some friend’s house, share a beer ... And try to forget what we are supposed to be celebrating.

Ric Hawthorne


Donald Cline 3 years, 6 months ago

Don't be too despondent. I'm as full-on into the fight to restore Constitutional government of the United States of America as anyone can be, and while we have a major fight ahead of us, there are signs of progress in the right direction (rather than the "left" direction). :) Actually right and left are part of the problem, we have to recognize that the U.S. Constitution is neither right nor left; it is straight down the middle of the road. The problem is that we have a Marxist Mafia-infested government that isn't obeying it, and they are setting us up for a Second Bolshevik Revolution. The only thing stopping them is the fact that unlike every other country of the world where they have taken over, we are armed and we don't play well with tyrants. If they manage to get color of law passed stripping us of our right to keep and bear arms, they will use that as their excuse to go "hot" with their SBR. Know that color of law is not law: If the subject matter authority is not delegated to government by the Constitution of the United States, they don't have it. We are not required to obey color of law and we are not required to bow before any rogue occupation government not deriving its authority from the U.S. Constitution. Don't be despondent. Rather, adopt the position we will not comply, and they can go pound sand. Molon Labe.


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