Don’T Let Pets Roam



Will Rogers once said, “Some of my best friends are humans.”

I have had the enjoyment of having pets including Manx cats to dogs of different breeds to birds. Two of these pets are the reason I want to pass on important information on birds and cats.

Cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds annually and in addition, as many as 20.7 billion mammals, including mice and rabbits. This information comes from a three-year study by a Fish and Wildlife Service-funded effort.

Cats that live in the wild or indoor pets allowed to roam outdoors kill from 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion in the continental U.S. each year.

This information has been published in Nature Communications.

When I owned a couple of Manx cats, they were never allowed to go outside unsupervised. All I am saying here is keep your animals under control and do not allow them to wander all over causing damage to property and in some cases assaulting citizens and leaving their waste behind on property and tormenting other animals.

I am not advocating cats be euthanized, I am saying if you are going to be a pet owner, be a responsible pet owner.

About a third of the 800 species of birds in the U.S. are endangered, threatened or in significant decline according to American Bird Conservancy

L.A. Jones


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