Language Of Law Makes Enforcement Difficult


The Nature’s Harvest case continues to straggle through the court system, squandering taxpayers’ money and revealing the befuddlement at the heart of the muddle of laws focused on controlling the use of marijuana.

The case stems from a Navajo County sting operation that scooped up three people locally operating Nature’s Harvest — which provided pot to people with medical marijuana cards prior to the opening of a state-licensed dispensary here.

The prosecutors insist the Nature’s Harvest folks were effectively selling marijuana to medical marijuana cardholders. Prosecutors say this violated the law. Defense attorneys have countered that a poorly written sentence in the law means that cardholders can sell to one another — but not to a dispensary.

Either way, the prosecution seems pointless given the confusion in the law as the state regulates the medical marijuana dispensaries approved by the voters. Perhaps they were skirting the edge of the law, operating in a gray area — and turning a profit. But given that they sold only to medical marijuana cardholders, trying to put them in prison seems an absurd overreaction.

The schizophrenic attitude toward medical marijuana has created a host of contradictions, conundrums and cruelties — and this case seems one more example.


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