Music Mirrors Changes For Every Generation


Every young folk throughout the land, Looking for someone to understand. But all the older ones they just reminisce, Talking ’bout the good ol’ days that they miss. See how blind you’ve been, See how the world you live in is changing. “The World Is Changing” Bob Marley & The Wailers 1973

If 40 years ago Bob Marley thought the world was spinning with change, one has to wonder — if he were alive today, what would his thoughts be of this generation’s exponential change?

Would the reggae singer be surprised that in today’s world more women than men are standing in line at their local tattoo parlors to have their skin inked?

Would the “One Love — People Get Ready” artist be amazed that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the ban on women marrying women and men marrying men has been ruled unconstitutional, thus allowing states to pass same-sex marriage legislation?

Would the Jamaica-born singer be astonished that possession and consumption of marijuana has recently become legal in two U.S. states (Colorado and Washington) and a movement has started in Arizona (among other states) to legalize not just medical marijuana, but the general use of cannabis?

My guess is that Marley would not be the least bit surprised — and would probably even be a proponent of those changes.

And I would have to agree — on the first two points of change, anyway.

I’m OK with women and tattoos and even men and women marrying their same sex. Life is short and if you’re lucky enough to find anyone in this world that you can be happy with, I say go for it.

But I’m just not so sure about this legalization of marijuana thing. If the possession and use of cannabis comes to fruition in all of America — what will be the repercussions?

Will it mean that our televised sport programs will become filled with “Columbia-Lite” commercials? Will social and fund-raising benefits become “Refer and Cheese” events? Will the best man at weddings end his toast to the bride and groom with “Please raise your bongs?”

These are certainly crucial issues to consider when casting your ballot on the legalization of pot issue.

This week’s question

Can you name the recording artists/ comedians that represented the mainstream embodiment of the attitudes and lifestyles of the underground drug culture of the 1970s?

Much as W.C. Fields shot to fame by making alcohol the focus of his act, this duo emerged from a cloud of pot smoke, simultaneously championing and lampooning the stoner community that became the team’s most ardent supporters. Although derided by critics and dismissed by the general populace, the team’s stature as counterculture heroes was unquestioned. And for both aging hippies and dazed-and-confused teens, their comedy and songwriting defined an era.

Was this duo A) Chad & Jeremy, B) Cheech & Chong, C) Hall & Oates or D) Sonny & Cher?

Be the sixth caller with the right answer and you’ll win a CD of your favorite singer or genre. Good luck!

Last week’s question

Last week’s question asked if you could name the group that recorded the 1982 hit “Open Arms.”

With lead, smooth-singing vocalist, Steven Perry, the band also produced the mid-1980s hits “Who’s Crying Now,” “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).”

The choices were the groups Aerosmith, Chicago, Journey and Boston.

The correct answer was Journey.

Hard-rock group, Aerosmith, with lead vocalist and songwriter, Steven Tyler, recorded from 1973-2001, with their top hit “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” topping the charts for four weeks in 1998.

Jazz-oriented rock group, Chicago, with lead singer Peter Cetera, charted 50 singles from 1969-1977, three making it to No. 1 – “If You Leave Me Now” (1976), “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” (1982) and “Look Away” (1988).

Rock band, Boston, with lead vocalist, Brad Delp, charted 10 hits on the Billboard charts from 1976-1994, with their single “Amanda” reaching No. 1 in the fall of 1986.

Congratulations to last week’s music trivia winner, Keith Bastian, who won a “Best of Journey” CD. Keith last won in June of 2010.

A final note

The last of the free concerts under the stars at Green Valley Park will take place this Saturday night with one of the area’s top musical groups performing. The John Scott Band, billed as “Payson’s Rockin’ Blues Band,” will take the stage from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Formed 15 years ago, this trio plays regularly at Sidewinders in Pine and at the Buffalo Bar & Grill in Payson. They are returning to Payson’s summer concert series for the third straight year. Lead vocalist, John Scott, told me, “Our summer concert in the park is always one of our favorite gigs. We’ll be performing songs from our more upbeat playlists, which will include Otis Rush’s “All Your Lovin’,” The Coasters’ “Young Blood” and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Pride and Joy.”

Kudos to Parks & Rec for bringing us another great summer outdoor concert series.

Have a great week.

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