Third Time’S Not So Charming For Drug Charges


After receiving probation before, a Payson man will finally serve time in prison for drug possession after taking a plea deal Monday.

Daniel Joseph “DJ” Laycock will likely serve 9.25 years for possessing heroin for sale with one prior, said Joy Riddle with the Gila County Attorney’s Office, who worked on the plea.

This is not the first time police have arrested Laycock for drugs, however, it’s the first time he has taken a plea for possessing a drug for sale. In 2009 and 2010, Laycock received probation after pleading guilty to possessing drug paraphernalia, Riddle said.

Laycock had several chances to get straight, so prosecutors didn’t want him on the street anymore, she said. “He is a danger to the community.”

In the most recent case, Payson police officers spotted Laycock on July 19, 2012 leaving the Circle K south and stopped to question him. Det. Chad DeSchaaf wrote in a police report that he had seen Laycock interacting with known drug users in the area and decided to approach him for questioning.

DeSchaaf noticed Laycock had pale, clammy skin and constricted pupils, according to the police report. DeSchaaf asked if he could search him and Laycock consented.

In one pocket, DeSchaaf found a canister with a brown substance consistent with heroin.

In another pocket, officers found another bag of heroin, Oxycodone pills and a small bag of methamphetamine, according to the police report.

In all, Laycock had more than a gram of heroin, Deschaaf wrote.

Laycock tested positive for meth, opiates and marijuana and police uncovered photographs of drugs and drug use on Laycock’s cell phone, according to the report.


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