Update Address To Keep Receiving Imagination Library Books


If your child is registered with the county’s Imagination Library Book program, but is no longer receiving books, you need to be sure the postal service has your correct address.

If your child isn’t receiving books, the United States Postal Service may have old or incorrect data on file. You may need to update your information with your local post office, add members to your household, and/or change your address.

A long list of changes in a child’s life may require such a change to continue receiving the free books. Changes include things like a divorce, a name change in the family, a change in the guardian, birth of a newborn, adoption and other shifts.

If such a change takes place, complete the “Mover’s Guide” or Change-Of-Address (COA) form at the post office.

Dollywood Foundation uses the Book Order System NCOA tool to check all addresses for USPS Changes of Address. If you have an old one on file or have entered a temporary one, books may be delivered to an incorrect address. Please make sure your post office has the correct information on file for you.

Imagination Library Books are mailed on a non-profit basis and cannot be forwarded or returned.

Please call Mary Stemm at (928) 402-8768 for more information.


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