Aps Not Straightforward About Power Outages



I guess that Steven Quinn, the north-east Arizona manager for APS, missed the power outage in our neighborhood last Saturday evening.

We had guests from the Valley and were in the middle of preparing dinner when the power went off around 5:30 p.m. At first this seemed like an amusing adventure, simply part of monsoon season reality.

After we muddled through dinner our guests decided to leave early since we were still without power. We decided to listen to KMOG, the “information station” on a battery-powered radio and they made no mention of any power outages.

We could see that our neighbors were also without power, so we decided to call APS. We were told, via a recording, that there were outages in the Payson area and that normally power would be restored in two to six hours. After more time passed we called again and were asked if we wanted to receive a call advising us when power would be restored. True to their word, we did receive a call from APS just as power came back on at about 11:55 p.m.!

It was therefore somewhat puzzling when I read in Tuesday’s Roundup that Mr. Quinn stated that there was “... nothing significant” with respect to power outages. Close to seven hours without power is not significant?

Of course there are and always will be power outages during our monsoon season, but how about being straightforward when asked about them when they do occur.

John Gruber


don evans 3 years, 5 months ago

Don't worry. Once your new APS smart meter is installed they will instantly know when your power goes out and get right on it. LOL!!!!!


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