Payson Extends Mesa Del Water Deal


As water hauling charges have driven Mesa del Caballo resident’s water bills through the roof, the Payson Town Council affirmed Thursday it would continue to provide water to the outlying community.

Some residents say that their monthly bills have risen to $500 because of the water-hauling charges.

JW Water Holdings recently purchased from Brooke Utilities the water company that services Mesa del, and other Rim Country communities.

Since 2010, Payson has sold supplemental water to Brooke Utilities during the summer months when usage goes up in Mesa del, overwhelming the community’s wells and storage tanks. In addition, the community for a month lost its most productive well due to a dispute between a homeowner and Brooke Utilities.

Payson charged Brooke the same amount it charges Payson businesses for water and Brooke paid the cost of trucking the water from a main near Home Depot several miles out Houston Mesa Road to Mesa del.

The community may escape the crushing expense of the water hauling charges as early as November, thanks to the agreement with Payson. That’s when the town will finish extending a water line connected to the existing system to Mesa del, which sits next to the site of the proposed Blue Ridge pipeline water treatment plant.

Since JW Water Holdings took over the system, the company has asked Payson to continue the agreement, but extend it past the summer months.

“The new policy would allow for the sale of supplemental water on an as-need basis year around,” according to town documents. “This supply is needed to prevent frequent summertime water shortages and occasional water shortages during other months within the subdivision due to the effects of drought on the company’s groundwater wells located throughout the subdivision.”

Mesa del’s water woes should end permanently, however, when C.C. Cragin water arrives in 2015-2016. The community will receive 70 to 82 acre-feet annually from the pipeline.

Payson will continue to supply supplemental water until the pipeline and treatment facility is finished, the council agreed.

Payson is currently installing a water line along Houston Mesa Road that will bring C.C. Cragin water to Payson from a treatment plant opposite Mesa del.

The pipeline can be used to send water from Payson to Mesa del as needed without the need for trucks.


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 5 months ago

If they need Payson water, then they need to be part of Payson.


Meria Heller 3 years, 5 months ago

Buyer beware. People tend to buy property without checking on important things like: water, fire protection, etc.


don evans 3 years, 5 months ago

All I will say is.....IS......HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha....HO HO HO Ho ho ho ho, He HE he he he he, Stop, please, I can't stop laughing!!!!!


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 5 months ago

Don, You are right, it is one big joke after the next. The new water utility owner is laughing all the way to the bank.


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