Tragedy In The Making


Incredible. Terrifying. Dismaying.

Hard to think of the right adjective for the incident involving an apparently drunk driver who drove the wrong way on Highway 87 for an astonishing 20 miles before he finally came to a halt after sideswiping two cars.

Mercifully, the drunken drive of Bryan Egan didn’t end in tragedy. None of the drivers or passengers in the cars he hit suffered injury — thanks no doubt to their own skill and quick thinking.

Many responsible drivers made 911 calls as they veered past the oblivious Egan, after he turned onto the northbound lane near Rye and headed south. He continued on that winding, curving road all the way to Sunflower, with police rushing to overtake him.

Now, here’s what makes this story a tragedy — despite the lack of injuries.

Egan, who lives in the Valley, pleaded guilty to a DUI back in 2009. Moreover, he was driving on a suspended license when he made his incredible trip. Now, we don’t have the results of his blood alcohol test yet — but it seems a reasonable assumption that he was once again drunk behind the wheel.

What can we do in the face of such blind, destructive, lethal irresponsibility?

The state already has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country, with huge fines, jail time and license suspension. But despite all those consequences, drunks still get behind the wheel and gamble with the lives of the innocent.

Incredible. Terrifying. Dismaying.


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