Change Is Inevitable



Tonto Basin is a community of many founding family members. There are also many “transplants” who moved here for a calmer environment in which to raise their children.

We remain shocked by the recent events causing the principal, Mrs. Weatherly, to resign effective 6/30/13. She has been challenged and accused, by a few individuals with their own agenda, or for being held accountable for job compliance. The rumor mill spread the accusations into the community and were believed by those unwilling to seek the facts, to make their own decisions on matters. In doing this, there would be an adherence to the school’s Policy & Procedures to address concerns, also to follow mandates for Open Meeting Laws.

Members of the community continually violate(d) these directives, attacking Mrs. Weatherly unjustly. In doing this, they also included allegations against another staff member as well, attempting to ruin both of these lives, and for their own personal agendas.

Mrs. Weatherly’s concern and goal for the school, student body and facilities, was to bring the academic compliance efforts up to ADE mandates and to have the school building at a satisfactory standard so as not to lose equipment. Changes that occurred for social activities complied with these adjustments and at the request of the teachers, though not accepted by those few.

Students and staff have all been held accountable for their decisions, not always responding in respectful ways.

We hope something has been learned by community members, also saddened by these events. If you are, encouragement is given to get involved, speak up, volunteer at the school, know what is going on firsthand, particularly on behavioral choices of students and staff. Ask questions, be bold enough to challenge those generating accusations from their own agendas. Hold everyone accountable for their actions, including school board members. A new principal and superintendent are being hired. Help the children learn to show respect, cooperation and appropriate resolution to issues of concern.

J&D France


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