Don’T Get A Smart Meter



Have been interested in the smart meters that APS wants to set up instead of our analog meters (not so dumb). I was part of the 80 or so citizens at the town council meeting and enjoyed all the opposition to SMs.

I must say that I am not happy with the digital meter as I understand that it is unhealthy and also an invasion of privacy. I also have a health problem and need oxygen. So certainly do not need a radiation output that might be deleterious to the oxygen concentrator and me.

I opted out some time ago, but I do not find it proper for them to charge for such and we are allowed to read our own meter.

Shirley Weyand


Pat Ferre 3 years, 7 months ago

Dear Shirley,

What you can do is contact the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) and let them know about your concerns. Their toll free phone number is Toll Free 800-222-7000.

You can also read about people that have posted comments about the same issues you are interested in on the ACC website:

  • type 13-0069 in the Search box to view the opt-out APS APPLICATION docket or
  • type 11-0328 in the Search box to view the generic Smart Meter docket Select the Documents tab. Click on the PDF tab for the document you wish to view.

The ACC has put out a last call request, for customers to please submit any comments such as yours, about biological concerns related to digital, wireless 'smart' meters, to Docket #E-00000C-11-0328, before June 28th when the docket closes.

Commissioners will be deciding on whether 'smart' meters are harmful based on what the people say. I think it is a dangerous position for them to take: they should have done their own research BEFORE they allowed the widespread installation of so many meters! Delegating responsibility to the likes of you and me, after the widespread installation of 'smart' meters, that can be harmful, cause cancer, genetic damage and neurological damage, is not really responsible!


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