Town Council Needs To Consider Other Alternatives



The Payson Town Council’s efforts to dismantle the fire department is quite troubling and short-sighted. Starting with dumping the fire marshal to increase budget reserves doesn’t make a lot of sense. Using contract inspectors instead of local personnel seems intended to relieve the town of responsibility and the aggravation of complaining builders who always look for shortcuts around that pesky fire code. Who would do the best job for the community and its long-term safety? The current staffing of the fire department is currently at a minimum by any national standard. To further downgrade staffing and deployment could be dangerous. Unfortunately, not many residents see what the fire department does until it directly affects them making the fire department an easy target when pencil pushers tackle budget shortage. We live in the middle of a forest and fire danger is always present. The town council needs to consider other alternatives when trying to balance its budget or increasing reserves.

L.H. Sheldon


Barbara Rasmussen 3 years, 7 months ago

They chose to eliminate the Fire Marshal for the Town of Payson. With the exception of two of our elected Town councilors all including the Mayor voted for this. I am saddened, angered and bewildered by their votes. And just wish I knew why this was even considered. When all is said and done I think this move will end up costing our Town much more than they realize. At least I know when Mr. Lockhart was on the job I would be considerably safer when I frequented a business or other building here. Now who knows what safety issues will be overlooked and allowed by contracted employees? Payson has taken a giant leap backwards when it comes to the public's safety.


Pat Randall 3 years, 7 months ago

It is most of the council, that needs to be eliminated along with the mayor and town manager with her helpers. Evidently the town manager doesn't know about fire depts. Fire marshalls, or fire districts. Wonder where she gets her misinformation? Seems there are more office people doing wrong things than there are necessary public safety people that know their job and should be kept. Has anyone checked the credentials of the so called contract fire marshalls? Do they have liability insurance if they do something wrong or will the town be hung out to dry? Having one person to take care of the Fire Dept. and Police Dept. is way to much. What training has Chief Engler had in fire prevention, fire fighting and all the rest that goes with it. Leave him to take care of the Police Dept. That is where is training has been.


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