One Typically Weird Weekend

Thefts, fights and domestic brawls — just a typical weekend for Payson Police officers.


Thefts, fights and domestic brawls — just a typical weekend for Payson Police officers.


Thefts, fights and domestic brawls — just a typical weekend for Payson Police officers. The Roundup recently poured through hundreds of pages of dispatch logs detailing the serious to the trivial for just one busy weekend in Rim Country. We discovered officers arrest women just as often as men for domestic violence and substance abuse plays a starring role in most domestic cases.

We learned calls come in at a rapid-fire pace, pulling the short-staffed force of officers here and there. We learned while officers handle many serious and sometimes dangerous calls — many others fall more into the “What were you thinking?” category.

Consider the case of the man arrested twice for DUI in one night, the man who wanted officers to do something about the feral cat bullying his house cat and a woman who made off with a trunk full of Walmart plants in her PT Cruiser.

Here is a brief snapshot of the May 3-5 weekend. We have omitted some calls for brevity.


1:22 am — Tear it apart:

A man thrown out of the Buffalo Bar and Grill for starting a fight has returned and threatened to “tear the bar apart” if he cannot find his wallet.

2:33 am — Laying down:

A caller reports men are fighting on West Bonita Street and one man is lying on the ground like he needs medical.

2:35 am — Skipped out:

Denny’s says a diner left without paying a $14.12 bill.

7:36 am — Cat’s a bully:

A resident says a feral cat is terrorizing his pet.

7:40 am — Missing Wallet:

A wallet is missing at the bowling alley.

8:01 am — Sharing the blame:

A vehicle hits a bicyclist near 715 N. Beeline Highway. Neither is injured and both parties take responsibility for the wreck.


A man thrown out of the Buffalo Bar and Grill for starting a fight has returned and threatened to “tear the bar apart” if he cannot find his wallet.

9 am — Not my trash:

Someone is dumping trash in the PetSmart Dumpster.

11:51 am — Cursing teachers:

“Incorrigible” juvenile is cursing at teachers.

12:40 pm — Boy touched her:

A parent is pulling their daughter out of school after learning a boy touched her inappropriately.

12:46 pm — Drunk again:

Police arrest a man for aggravated DUI near Safeway while driving the vehicle of a friend who had picked him up after he was released from jail on a drunk driving charge. The man reportedly got drunk, took the wheel and started to drive away, prompting the friend to call police.

12:50 pm — Toddler lying in street:

A motorist reports a 3-year-old is laying in the street near a trailer park, with no parent in sight.

2 pm — They stole everything:

An employee returning to a mortgage company finds someone kicked open the door and stole everything inside — the toilets and fridge.

3:20 pm — Kill him?

A man armed with a pool cue at a coffee shop is yelling that people are trying to kill him, although no one has come near him.

6 pm — In their cups:

A neighbor hears people yelling and hitting the walls next door. The men tell police they got upset at each other and threw a cup.

7:04 pm — Begs to contact her:

Police arrest a man for violating an order of protection after he called his ex-girlfriend’s friend and begged her to get him in contact with her.

10:32 pm — Loud music:

A man complains of loud music coming from the Journigan House. The caller tells dispatch he knows the music is coming from the restaurant because he has a sense of direction, “like no other.”

12:50 am — Friend slashes tires:

A neighbor reportedly slashes the tires on a friend’s vehicle.


2:15 am — Didn’t leave a note:

A woman finds a traffic sign bent and lying on her vehicle after someone struck it; they didn’t leave a note.

5:55 pm — Arrest them both:

A woman staying at the Economy Inn complains that her boyfriend has been cursing and calling her crazy. She wants to move into another room, but needs officers help to get her stuff. When officers talk to the man, they discover both have been drinking and he has scratches on his neck and arm. The man says he scratched his arm when he fell as he walked to the gas station. He says his girlfriend inflicted the one on his neck. She says she put her hands around his neck because he was cursing at her. Officers arrest both on domestic violence charges.

7:18 pm — Counterfeit bill:

A Family Dollar employee says a man tried to pay with a counterfeit $20.

10:35 pm — He beat up his girlfriend:

A caller reports he just beat up his girlfriend and police should “come to lot 7.” Officers check every lot 7 in town, including at the Payson Campground, Tonto Apache Reservation and the trailer park on Bonita Street and find nothing.


7:33 am — She scratched him:

A man reports his wife came home last night drunk and is still drinking and fighting with him. He has a scratch on his face. He asks officers to get her out of the house so she can sober up. They take her to the jail on charges of aggravated domestic violence.

9:02 am — He’s beating his children:

PPD assists the Gila County Sheriff’s Office at a Star Valley mobile home park where a man is reportedly beating his children.

9:58 am — Just a hot rod show:

A resident on West Frontier Street reported a loud car racing up and down the street. Officers question people living behind the Journigan House and learn there is a hot rod show in town and they were moving the vehicle to the parking lot.

11:14 am — Trapped:

Dispatch talks to someone pinned in an upside down vehicle on Highway 260 and Granite Dells Road. Officers later find drug paraphernalia and meth in the vehicle.

1:35 pm — Plant caper:

Walmart reports that a woman walked out with a cart full of plants, loaded them into her PT Cruiser and drove off without paying.

6:26 pm — Mother threatens to leave:

A girl reports her mother threatened to leave her and her sister at Safeway. The mother says she never planned to actually leave them.

7:40 pm — Seriously, arrest them both:

A resident reports hearing doors slamming and someone saying, “See what you did to me” from next door. Officers find a man outside the home jumping around, red faced and crying. A woman inside is also crying. The man admits he hates when his girlfriend drinks because it reminds him of his alcoholic mother. He says he punched her in the face several times and is very angry with himself for doing so. She later admits that she pushed him. Both are arrested for aggravated domestic violence.

10:03 pm — Heck, arrest everybody:

An engaged couple has gotten into an altercation at a hotel and she wants to get her stuff and leave, but he won’t let her. They tell police they were drinking at the Buffalo Bar (she had four or five margaritas) and upon returning to the hotel room, got in a scuffle and he got scratched and she hit her head. Police find a green, leafy substance in the room and a homemade pipe. Both deny any knowledge of the substance. Police arrest both for domestic violence.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years, 7 months ago

Could be worse - and is down in the Valley. I see articles about killings and drugs and such all of the time. Viva Payson!


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