The Dog Park Problem



The recent letter responding to my concerns about the dog park totally missed its mark. I have no problem with Paws in the Park. My issue is with the Town of Payson. They didn’t generously give you the property for a dog park; they got rid of a piece of contaminated land, that couldn’t be used for anything else. Then they added insult to injury by dumping all the contaminates from the streets by way of a 20-inch pipe into the park creating rivers of pollutants into the park, for the dogs to play in the pools of dirt and filth.

I have been going to the park for 10 years. One might say that’s your choice. That might be, but my dogs must exercise and socialize, I don’t have an acre at my home and neither do others at the park. A great number are elderly retirees are apartment dwellers.

The Town sprays twice a year for weeds yes, but they leave the dead weeds with all the thorns and stickers for the dogs to pick up.

Dust and dirt are not part of where we live, nor is the urine and feces that is picked up in the winds. The elements are controlled very well at Green Valley Park. As for your argument that grass must be maintained, fed and watered, I agree. That’s what they do at Green Valley Park.

You’re quite right, on rare occasions glass and metal shards are found. Those occasions happen during the rains and are not rare. Leading this writer to believe the park was an old landfill.

You never mentioned the parking area mud hole.

Have you ever taken a head-count? If you had, you would find there are more people using the dog park than any other park and that doesn’t count those that refuse to use the park because of the outlined conditions.

That port-a-potty was placed there at my request when people at the library complained “dog people” were using their facilities. It’s never cleaned inside and frequently has spiders and bugs. Most people are uncomfortable using it.

I recommend you take “your fence” with the $10,000 gift from PetSmart and not waste it on this dog park. Relocate it to Green Valley Park and insist the town give us an area there.

Have you ever seen any of the mayors or council people, or even parks and recreation people at the park? Many of them have dogs, but they don’t come to the park.

My recommendations do not require any of the town’s money. Please people of Payson support me in this quest.

John J. McCauley


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

I might agree with some of your points. However, this ain't Scottsdale and available money is the key. You know and I know at this point in time, the Town of Payson is not going to spend any resources for little fifi and the Dog Park. I will be surprised if the Town dedicates any Green Valley Park area. But go for it.


Rex Hinshaw 3 years, 7 months ago

John........I think you're barking up the wrong tree :)


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