Letter Carriers’ Food Drive Produced Record Donations



The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference in Payson, wants to express our hearty thank you to all the citizens of Payson, the Rim Country community at large and especially the postal employees for the generous donations on the May 11 Post Office Food Collection Day.

Our postal employees donated their time and went the extra mile to collect and deliver food items to our food bank. Your donations and their excellent efforts provided more than 13,662 pounds of food items for those in need. This is a record collection.

Without the compassion and generosity of our Rim Country community and our postal employees, we at S.V.d.P. could not carry out the work that our Lord calls us to do. This year’s collection was absolutely a job well done. Again, our heartfelt thanks.

Vincentians at the Society of

St. Vincent de Paul, Payson


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