Obama Demonizes Tea Party



Where did the IRS problem really begin? The White House chief of counsel says “he knew about the IRS problem weeks before it was released to the news media.” Obama claims “to have found out about it at that time when it was released to the news media.”

Horse pucky; then Obama should fire all White House staff members that knew and did not inform him.

Obama has victimized and demonized the Tea Party groups and other conservative groups just too many times to make it apparent to others that they should take advantage of his retroactive speeches and turn demonization into live action through the IRS. This was not the same treatment given to the liberals. Too many questions.

Ed Welge


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

Right, just like one of the head cheese IRS managers visited the White House 157 times. But BO didn't no nothin about it! OK, well then WHY NOT? Must have been on the Golf course during those visits. LOL


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