Smart Meters — Yes Or No?



I attended the meeting on smart meters and certainly empathize with those people whose health may be compromised by smart meters.

I do, however, have to ask if they have also eliminated all other sources of radiation that for most of us have become a way of life. For example, cell phones, microwave ovens, satellite TV, GPS devices, home intercom systems, remote baby monitors, Bluetooth devices ... and the list goes on. These things have been integrated into our lifestyles to the extent that some of us can’t imagine being without them.

I have not made a decision as yet, as there is much more research that is needed before definitive results have been ascertained. I have heard the arguments on both sides of the issue, and I need more proof, one way or the other before making that decision. To those who have eliminated microwaves from their environments, I commend you.

Alan Kline


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

FYI, I also attended the same meeting as you. I to am unsure as to what to believe about the smart meters as far as any negative health impacts. I have read that there is a "no cost" health opt out, with a doctors letter head specifying your health condition. Be rest assured APS has done an internal cost analysis and they would not implement the smart meters if it wasn't going to save them a ton of money. Not so for the customers. I am distressed that APS will be selling your 24/7 hourly consumption rate cycle records to third parties. 3rd parties can then model out your residential lifestyle patterns and absentee periods of time! Unless some court says they cannot implement the program or delay it, expect the new smart meters to begin install July 1st, 2013. APS has the thumbs up from the Arizona Corp. Commission.


Pat Ferre 3 years, 7 months ago

Alan Kline's comment is astute in his concern about our society's general negligence relating to the use of hazardous baby monitors, microwave ovens, and wifi or bluetooth wireless systems. Ignorant perhaps, but these choices are voluntary and don't continuously expose the entire living environment to pulsed microwaves in areas that can exceed 125,000 square miles!

So called 'smart' meters are part of an AMI wireless mesh network system that is forced on us: we have no choice in the matter! We are the guinea pigs! There has never been a NEPA environmental impact study on the long term effects of continuous pulsed microwaves. The mesh network is a blanket of pulsed radiation that affects all plants, animals and people with the kind of radiation the Russians used on our US Embassy in Moscow during the Cold War, causing sickness and the deaths of three consecutive Ambassadors! Yes, we can opt-out of smart meters, but we can't opt-out of the 'smart" AMI grid! Neither can the trees in our forest, our wildlife, bees, babies, children and senior citizens!


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