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John Lake, the pastor of Church on Randall Place in Pine for 12-1/2 years, graduated in May 2013 with a Doctorate in Ministry. He earned a degree in Applied Theology from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky.

John Lake, the pastor of Church on Randall Place in Pine for 12-1/2 years, graduated in May 2013 with a Doctorate in Ministry. He earned a degree in Applied Theology from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky.


Graduation is everywhere.

May is commonly known as the month in which graduations are abundant. If you are in preschool or getting a doctorate, if you are in public school, private school, professional school or Bible school, thousands around the nation and millions around the world are graduating from some class, some academic organization somewhere, with some type of degree and or advancement.

This year my husband and I had a flood of invites from friends graduating and although we could not possibly go to all of them, we rejoice with them on this special day of their successful achievements.

The only graduation we did attend this year was my husband’s graduation receiving his doctorate in theology. With the threat of a downpour at anytime, the crowd slowly stood from an anxious wait of sitting in chairs outside. A quiet hush as the music of “Pomp and Circumstance” began to play. Bright red cloth and tassels adorned the black long robes as the graduates, with precision, moved across the plush green grass to their seats. There was a welcome, prayer, Scripture reading, and then the calling of the names.

Joy, excitement, honor and relief were some of the many emotions expressed. The charge given to all the graduates to stay faithful to Christ and His call, the recognition of each student’s support group, and then this event ended with a prayer.

What a joyful time!

Both of us have been blessed with opportunities to pursue various degrees of higher learning ... debt free — which is an added blessing — Praise the Lord!

I was raised in a family where it was extremely important, based on my ethnicity, heritage and culture, to pursue the highest level and all forms of education possible.

My in-loves raised my husband in a private Christian school that trained students in three grades in advance of their real level producing students highly trained in all areas of intellect.

Both my parents earned not only their bachelor’s degrees, but were also successful in attaining their master’s and doctorate degrees and instilled in me the same sense of importance regarding education.

What can we say? We love education.

What do God and the Bible have to say?

Biblical contrast

An interesting fact about the Holy Scriptures is that those that were highly educated (the religious leaders —Pharisees and Sadducees) were the very ones so far from a clear understanding of who Jesus is.

An interesting fact about Jesus is that even though He is God, He did not pursue a higher level of education. Well, actually ... being God, all knowing at all times, it wasn’t like He needed to go to school right? Being the Trinity and all ...

Paul is a better example to make my point. Apostle Paul, which all Gentiles around the world owe much gratitude, for His obedience as a faithful forefather bringing the gospel of Christ to us. This man knew his priorities and wasn’t afraid to speak about it.

In the Scriptures it clearly tells of Paul’s background. In our society we would be highly impressed by his education, credentials, degrees, ability to speak many languages and intelligently fit into the multiple cultures and cities. Yep, he was the cream of the crop when it came to his background and education.

Although he attained many academic successes, seven-star academics and a rich basket full of accolades, he so desired something bigger, greater, richer, something that would last for eternity. Paul was willing to give all that up to attain something much greater ... the excellency of Christ.

He gave up all the worldly prestige, traded all of his earthly trophies of degrees, education, pomp ... to experience the sweet fellowship with Jesus.

Paul made a decision to bear his doctorate degree with scars on his own back and body rather than the parchment of paper from the normal format. Read Philippians chapter three.

Yep ... that is what I am looking for! May it be in my heart and soul meshing with Christ’s heart and not just on my lips or words on paper.

My hubby and I both have attained higher educational degrees in theology and divinity. (Of course my hubby has the highest between us ... and “no” I am not even thinking about starting a doctorate program to answer all the inquiring minds and strong suggestions.)

Our goal is to mesh our flesh into the One that is the perfect for education every surpassing all this earth has to offer.

Graduation on high

So I want to ask you ...

What type of spiritual higher education are you willing to partake, yield, and submit to?

What spiritual degrees will you have completed at the end of life?

Thank God that an educational degree is not needed as a prerequisite to meet God face to face. It is not needed for Him to love you and to come to spend time with you. There is equity to anyone and everyone who believes in the name of Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There is no hierarchy needed at all, just a humble heart and acknowledgment that we need God, because we have missed the mark.

What choice will you make friend?

Believe in Christ as your Lord and Savior, agreeing completely that Jesus is God in the flesh that walked the earth in human form years and years ago. He rose from the dead and is currently sitting on the right hand of God continually praying ...

Praise God He has not forgotten us down here. He will NEVER leave us, forsake us or forget us.

As much as our accomplishments on earth are times of joy and a great blessing, when all is said and done the boasting of the saints will be with loud praises to God, declaring that we are saved by grace, given a heavenly inheritance and we had the joyful privilege of serving Him as our great ambassador and high King.

In comparison, the latter is greater, grander and more glorious than imagined!

©Copyright 2012 Simone Lake. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2012 Deep Roots in Christ Ministries. All Rights Reserved

About the author:

Simone Lake is a Christ follower, bride of Pastor Dr. John Lake, Bible teacher and a passionate pray-er. Visit her:, www.deeprootsin, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn


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