Congressman Gosar Does More Harm Than Good



Congressman Paul Gosar made some interesting comments at his recent Payson visit. The charts describing the national debt were truly frightening. He was passionate about wanting to jail government officials whom he accused of malfeasance. He cited two occasions over the last three years when he crossed the aisle to work with the other party. He acknowledged respect for Gov. Brewer’s stand on expanding Medicaid for the less fortunate in Arizona (state legislators take note).

Gosar acknowledged that the defiance and obstinacy, which led to the government shut down under Congressman Gingrich’s leadership, was a classical blunder because it caused $1.50 of expense for every dollar saved. But then he went on to describe his role in Congress as being defiant opposition rather than working for a consensus that would solve difficult problems. Same old story. No lesson learned.

He somehow thinks that we admire mindless opposition and intransigency instead of pulling together to find reasonable approaches to such intractable problems.

For instance, he was right that workers’ shifts have contributed to the imbalance in the Social Security system. But he failed to acknowledge the larger part of the problem. Most workers pay the Social Security tax on all their income. But the law is written in such a way that the highest earners do not pay Social Security taxes on all their wages. They pay no Social Security taxes at all on wages over $113,700. Taxing all job-related income would, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, allow the tax rate to actually be decreased and still guarantee solvency for the Social Security system. As it currently exists, capping taxable income is not built on the democratic principle that taxes should be based on one’s ability to pay.

So we have millions of people, over 90 percent of workers, paying taxes on 100 percent of their wages, while wealthy folks are legally excused from paying taxes on all their wages. To make matters even worse, those high earners end up later getting the highest payouts in benefits when they do not even need the benefits. That’s not fair. And it causes instability in the Social Security system.

Why won’t Gosar tell us the whole story? Mere opposition is no contribution to getting things done. It just makes matters worse.

Of course the system has to change — we all know that. But everyone should pay the same tax rate, not just those in the lower economic strata.

Irrational opposition is Gosar’s hallmark. He claims that he is brave for standing on principle. It led him to boast in previous presentations how strongly he advocated for sequestration. Yes, and it caused 2.1 million people across our country to lose some or all food assistance during the recession. It resulted in 70,000 children being denied Head Start, 4 million fewer meals being served to deserving seniors, and a loss of over 750,000 jobs across the country. That is bravery?

Consider other legislation that he was proud to oppose. He opposed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. He opposed the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act. He opposed the Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act. He opposed Extending Student Loan Interest Rates Act.

Who needs such bravery?

Just how does all this intransigence benefit the people of our congressional district? How on earth could anyone claim that this is representation for the needs of his constituents?

Mere opposition is no act of courage. It is simply intransigence and defiance, which ends up harming people. That is not constructive politics.

Raymond Spatti


Dan Haapala 3 years, 7 months ago

Dear Mr. Spatti, would you kindly include in your future remarks your polical affiliation. I think I know what it is but I've been wrong before, as I alluded to in another post this evening.

The problem we are facing in this Country today has nothing to do with D.C. it has everything to do with us. We have continually wanted the Government both local and national to do more for us. That has been wrong.

We asked local government to protect us from fire and crime and that's part of what they are supposed to do, but then we went further and said...." make my neighbor clean up his yard...make the businesses paint their place a pleasing color to me...Tell us where businesses can and can't be and how much grass and how tall our buildings and how safe to build them...." You won't like this Mr. Spatti, but that is not the role of Government, It is the responsibility of good citizenship and that has not been well taught in the last couple of Generations.

If Sir, your income is dependent on the Government than don't go here anymore. If not let me propose something really extreme.

Shut it all down for one year. All down. No taxes, fees, no income for any government at all.

Yes, Beaurocrats would be out of work, so sad, Government would shut down, so sad, BUT, citizens would survive because they have Capitalism and will find a way to make it work "UNDER THE TABLE"
You can criticize this all you want but it's already happened in our lifetime. Polish patriot Lec Lewenska called for a peaceful national strike and broke the grip of Russia on his country.

Here is what would happen in my opinion. With no taxes (income) Government would shut down. Without having to pay taxes working citizens would have more money, businesses as well. More money would give them the opportunity to be productive which would solve the private economy unemployment but it would be replaced by the government workers unemployment, which would require them to seek subsistance in the real world. What say we start there.


Donald Cline 3 years, 7 months ago

A very good place to start the discussion; not a good place to start a Constitutional government -- for many reasons of which I am sure you are aware. But dismantling all those portions of government that do not exist for the exclusive purpose of protecting the fundamental rights of the people and the sovereign integrity of the nation against invasion -- including illegal border crossers -- would be an excellent place to start.


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

As a Mr. Paulk posted in a comment to a similar I hate Gosar letter, there are 15,000 people in Payson just sitting by. Yep, Just waiting on the next Government check handout. So sad.


Ted Paulk 3 years, 7 months ago

Yo Evans, you sound like Mitt and his 47% misstatement...Do you really thing the 15,000 people in Payson are "just sitting by. Yep. Just waiting on the next Govedrnment check handout. So sad". REALLY? All the people in Payson except the Teabaggers are on some kind of welfare? By the way, you never have told me if you get Medicare and Social Security. Hypocrisy....just sayin'.


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

Talk to me after the 11-20 million illegals are granted their amnesty pathway and bring in another 15 million so called immediate family members. All of which will jump immediately on the Govt. benefits systems. And it will be sanctioned along with the right to vote championed by Obama, Senator Schumer, Pelosi, and the ACLU et al. types. Talk about your Social Security and Medicare then. You know, those programs we had to pay into for years. I'm taking conversational Spanish Language classes now. You may want to also if you want to conduct your daily life routines after the Congressional Immigration dog and pony show passes. But just think about all those new liberal voters. A socialists nirvana.....


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