The System Still Works



Our combined voices, along with members of Congress, have brought about the “Keep Knives out of our Skies Act.”

TSA nixed the plan to allow small knives and other previously banned carry-ons ... which is no small victory for the traveling public. Our voices were heard.

Paul Hudson, president of stated, “Hopefully the TSA has learned the lesson that transportation security policies affecting millions of air travelers need to be fully vetted with all stakeholders, not just made on internal deliberations and secret lobbying by those with special interests or insider connections.”

Yep, that’s what I’m talking about ...

Michele Breen Simmons


Donald Cline 3 years, 7 months ago

What a great idea! Now all we have to do is all get together and lobby TSA to honor our fundamental right to keep and bear arms aboard aircraft. Oh, and perhaps we could get them to honor our right to privacy and to be secure from being molested by some high-school drop-out as a precondition for getting on an airplane. Tell me, Ms Simmons: Are you even half as interested in being free as you are in being wrapped in cotton batting under a layer of Kevlar? Here is an alternative concept to your advocacy described above: I have a fundamental right to be armed. Therefore, If I have a right to be here; If I have a right to be in a public place; If I have purchased the right to be on your airplane; If I am on premises open to the public for private or commercial purpose; If I am lawfully in any location whatever for any lawful purpose whatever, Then I have I right to be armed. And anti-gunners have nothing to say about it. You live in a nation founded upon principles of sovereign individual liberty: Where did you learn how to be a kept slave?


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