Rescued Not Arrested



My name is Phillip Scott. I was arrested August 2010 for possession of methamphetamine for sale. I received 11.25 years in prison. This by no means is a sob story. First off I wish to apologize to the Payson Police Department for making an already difficult job even harder, and to all the people who reside in Payson.

Drug abuse is at epidemic proportions in the United States. Being on the other side of the fence I see the consequences very clear. Drug abuse in our prisons is even worse, but there is hope. I am at a private prison; in this prison all sorts of programs are offered here to rehabilitate people with social and drug problems.

In two years at this facility, I have taken psychology, creative writing, fatherhood, financial literacy, stress reduction, sexual integrity, “Max man,” men’s fraternity, and in 10 months I’m going to graduate Chaplin’s College and receive my associate degree.

I’ve also rekindled relationships with my family that I never thought possible.

The biggest thing that has happened to me is that I got right with God. I’m walking a walk I never thought possible for a sinner like me. Imagine walking around a prison yard sporting a Bible and talking about Jesus. I have come to know a loving God, and my heart has softened.

I see life for what it truly is, “Life is loving people.” This is a pretty tough forum for that, but I do my best with what I got, so I want to thank the Payson Police Department for saving my life; mind, body and soul; and giving me a second chance at life even if I’m in prison.

Again, I’m very sorry to anyone I’ve harmed and I pray for your forgiveness.

Phillip Scott


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