Star Valley To Continue $7.1 Million Budget Talks

Town of Star Valley sign

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Town of Star Valley sign


The Star Valley Town Council will once again discuss its $7.1 million budget for 2014-2015 at the June 18 meeting.

Tentatively approved on June 4, the budget requires final approval at the 6 p.m. meeting Tuesday to lock in the $2.8 million spending cap for the town’s general fund.

As part of the process, the council can fine tune the 152 line items, but cannot exceed the bottom line.

Revenues going into the general fund include: $1.12 million transfer from the 2013-2014 capital project fund; $779,551 from photo enforcement; $587,420 from state shared revenues; $279,923 from local taxes and fees; $15,225 from licenses and permits; and $515 in miscellaneous revenue.

The Star Valley Highway Users Revenue Fund totals $214,570; the Judicial Collection Enhancement Fund is $17,150; and the Water Enterprise Fund is $201,925.

The anticipated general fund revenues reflect increases in the state shared revenue of $26,123, primarily from the state income tax distribution; an increase in the cable franchise tax of $5,680; and a decrease in photo enforcement funds of five percent or $10,449.

Expenses for 2014-2015 are expected to increase in some areas and decrease in others.

The biggest anticipated increase is $294,364 in the Highway User Revenue Fund, primarily from $454,166 allocated for street projects.

The biggest decrease is $110,168 in the photo enforcement department, due to a drop in costs for personal services (salaries, benefits, etc.) and purchased professional services.

Other anticipated increases are $5,000 for contract services, from $5,000 to $10,000; $42,731 in the judicial collection enhancement fund, from $70,698 to $113,429, allocated to capital outlay; $19,350 for the water department, primarily for line repair ($23,000 — only $5,000 was budgeted for this fiscal year and as of March 31, 2013, more than twice that had to be spent); and a $7,900 jump for purchased services and supplies in the administrative fund.

Among the decreases expected: administrative employee expenses, down $54,875 in salaries and benefits; $83,000 in purchased professional services, primarily because the town will not need a consulting engineer for the water department; and $57,950 for the building inspection department due to drops in both personal and purchased professional services.

In addition to the budget, the Star Valley Council will make a decision on annexing a small portion of property off Posey Court and discuss placing “Welcome” signs at both ends of the town limits on East Highway 260.


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