In Spite Of Valley Heat, Village Was Quiet

Mogollon Rim cloud front

Photo by Andy Towle. |

Mogollon Rim cloud front


This past week has been pretty rough on the Snyder family. Illness has plagued us for more than two weeks now and the doctor has diagnosed bronchitis. We are finally on the road to recovery, but the cough lingers.

Summer colds are the worst! Even antibiotics take longer to kick in.

Tonto Village was very quiet this past weekend. The Phoenix area was scorching, and more part-timers were expected to be in the Village, but I imagine they went higher in the mountains.

The monsoon clouds rolled in this week and it looked promising on Sunday, but they all headed for the Rim and now the sky is totally clear. Even though the monsoons can get pretty rough, we all look forward to the thunderstorms and rain. We don’t like the dry lightning strikes that cause sparks and fires. The forest is so dry the ground crackles from super dry pine needles and dry grass. Even the cattle that are scattered around the Village are not finding much to munch on. They look longingly from outside our fence at the little bit of green grass that we have.

Hellsgate Fire Department

Firefighter/engineer John Ceja is now back at Fire Station #22 in Tonto Village. John will be manning the station from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Welcome back, John.

Since fire restrictions are in effect, there will be no burn permits issued until further notice. The Blattner Pit on Highway 260 will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays for dumping pine needles and brush.

Two of the firefighters from Hellsgate are working on the New Mexico fires. Nick Fitch and Bob Evanson have taken “Little Red” from Station #23 in Mead Ranch to the area.

Double D Doings

There will be a 4th of July party, parade and ice cream social Saturday, July 6. Remember the “kids and critters” parade from years ago? It’s coming back this year. Call Ethel at (928) 478-4332 for more details on the parade. Any critter can be a part of the fun, so be thinking of costumes for the animals and decorations for the quads.

Another event that was popular was the chicken drop. Harvey Poyner and John Watson will be manning this popular event. John is donating the chickens.

Musical entertainment will be provided by the ever-popular Lynda St. John on the back patio in the afternoon.

The restaurant will be serving hot dogs, and yummy ice cream treats, banana splits, root beer floats, etc. All activities will start about noon.

Mark your calendars for an afternoon of entertainment.

Shelby School

On July 30, Shelby School will be holding an open house. Everyone is welcome to tour the school and enroll their students. School will begin at 8:15 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 1. All buses will be running to pick up the students.

Get Well

Longtime resident Charlie Terry is at Payson Regional Medical Center in ICU. Charlie would appreciate prayers to help him fight his illness.

Birthdays this week include Charlie’s granddaughter, Stephanie Morris. Her big day is June 21.

Christopher Creek resident, Nanci Olson has her birthday June 24. Nanci is a regular visitor to the Village when the nine-ball tournaments take place Tuesday evenings.

Danny Cain, the other half of Ethel, will be celebrating his birthday on June 26.

Happy birthday to all of you. Here’s hoping your birthday is wrapped in smiles.


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