Appreciation For British Soccer Program



I would like to thank Mary Wolf, for putting the British soccer program together. I had a great experience.

My favorite part was having Luke, one of the pro players stay at our house. He was so nice, just like the rest of the coaches, but he was by far my favorite coach, because he was such a great person, and when you had a question he would pay attention and you knew it.

I recommend this camp to anyone that is interested in soccer, as you will learn a ton of skills, moves, and tricks to make you a much better player!

It is an amazing program, and they won’t be all easy, they will make you work and that is why they call the program Challenger Sports. They will work you and will give you tricky challenges but in a good way, a very good way. They will give you plenty of water breaks, and don’t ever be afraid to tell them you are thirsty.

Trust me it will make you a better soccer player, and you will enjoy it!

Devon Boone


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