Shocked And Disgusted



My husband and I made a day trip to First Crossing recently. It was a beautiful day. The creek was flowing wonderfully and it was perfect in the shade under the trees so we put out our beach chairs on, what turned out to be, the most private beach we had experienced in some time there.

Just perfect — Until we walked up to the upper pond and waterfalls. Then we saw the most disgusting and, yes, gut-wrenching sight we had ever seen in this beautiful place. Someone had graffitied the beautiful large boulders at the upper falls!

My first thought was what must that individual (or individuals — as in most cases like this because this is too cowardly an act to do alone) be like that would deface such a serene and beautiful place as this?

We moved from Los Angeles to San Diego to get away from this type of debauchery and then moved from San Diego to Payson to escape it. We have lived here for the past 11 years and have participated in the life of this town since we arrived. The one thing that has always been a constant here has been the underlying pride and love for the area by its residents and most of its visitors. Yes, we get the occasional trash left behind and we grumble and we do have our more serious issues, but never have we had the problem of an individual who is so selfish, morally bankrupt and cowardly to take something so beautiful and secluded and drag it down that slippery slope into the depths of the gang attitudes of the urban dregs. This place is not public enough for anyone who might be ignorant enough to care to read it.

I sincerely hope that this depravity wasn’t perpetrated by one of our own and yet, as mentioned, the upper pond and waterfalls of First Crossing are somewhat secluded.

If you have any information regarding this evil act please come forward and call our local police or sheriff’s departments. Don’t allow anyone to take away what we have in our little piece of heaven in the woods.

I lived in Los Angeles when, believe it or not, it was a nice place to live. I saw this there and in San Diego as well. Believe me, this is how it starts in a small community such as ours.

Please fight to keep Payson and the surrounding communities from being taken over one peaceful refuge at a time. Graffiti is not a victimless crime!

Carol McCauley


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