Unresponsive Pswid Board Should Be Recalled



At the last Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District board’s l-o-n-g budget hearing (May 18), many Pine Strawberry residents were strongly against the huge increases to property taxes and water rates. PSWID made not one change to the budget after so many people complained and suggested cuts.

The board quickly voted after little or no discussion. I’ve noticed that some of the board members are full of themselves and ignore the people of Pine Strawberry. We, the people of Pine Strawberry, own the water company and they just don’t get it. They don’t listen or even try to act on our suggestions.

I ask myself, are most of the people on the PSWID board ethical? Are they transparent in their actions? Are they respectful of the residents? Are they looking out for the little person’s interest and pocketbook?

For me, all the answers are a loud, NO! We just don’t trust them anymore with good reason. Corruption is everywhere and Pine Strawberry is no exception.

Usually a recall is not the best solution, but at this point, I personally feel there is no other choice. Public boards are put in office by the public and when the public is dissatisfied and the board doesn’t listen, then the only other solution to waiting for the next election is to get signatures for a recall. I will sign! I am an eligible voter who lives in this district and that’s all I need to be to sign.

Sue Green


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