Cuba’S Quality Of Life A Joke



Your June 18 edition, page 3A Community Almanac had the funniest article I’ve seen in years: “The ‘Transition Town Payson’ is presenting a film June 21 on how Cuba rebuilt its quality of life following the collapse of cheap oil supplied by the Soviet Union.”

When I stopped laughing, I thought it might be wise to point out to your readers that (per, with statistics from the World Resource Institute, WHO, Bonninternational Center, etc.):

Cuba today ranks at the bottom of world statistics in such things as:

Agricultural food production index (UN)

Annual GDP growth

Electric power consumption

Birthrate per 1,000

And second to the bottom in things like:

Female life expectancy at birth

Percentage of women in the national parliament

In crime statistics, the UN classifies Cuba as a country that refuses to comply with minimal standards related to trafficking in women and children for sex tourism.

In the “Bartelsmann Indices of Democracy” Cuba ranks 108 out of 118 (North Korea is 115/118). In “Economic Freedom” Cuba ranks 156/156. (North Korea isn’t ranked.) Seventy-eight percent of the Cuban labor force works for the state, 22 percent for the non-state sector. The probability of “not reaching 40” is 105/111 in the world.

Cuba’s second in the world for applications for refugee status to the U.S. (right behind Bosnia), but does pretty well in baseball and judo at the Olympics, and in the total of Latin Grammies won.

Cuba refuses to publish poverty statistics (which means they must rank below Guatemala, at 75 percent of the population).

This event was a joke, right?

Cathy Hines


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