Keep Your Pets Safe And Secure July 4th


Pets and fireworks often do not mix. Sudden loud noises can be startling and scary to pets. Many will panic and attempt to flee their homes or yards. And with all of the holiday traffic, pets run the risk of being lost or hit by cars. Please be sure to keep your pets secure this holiday. Here are a few tips from Wikihow for making the holidays easier for pets:

• Know the schedule. Check with your local municipality to find out when fireworks displays will be happening.

• Keep pets at home. Pets do not belong at fireworks shows or parades. The noise and crowds can be very frightening, and could cause pets to panic.

• Bring pets inside, and prepare your house. Leave lights on indoors, and make sure curtains are drawn to block sound and flashing lights. If pets are kenneled, cover kennels. Turn on a television or stereo (but not too loud!) to block out some of the noise.

• Keep pets in one place. Instead of letting pets roam the house, keep them confined in a familiar room. Close doors to prevent escape. Put down familiar, clean bedding somewhere secure such as under a table, on or behind a chair, etc. Add some familiar chew toys, scratch pads, balls, etc., to keep your pets amused and distracted. If your pets tend to squabble with each other when stressed, consider separating them in different rooms or areas.

• Confine your pet. An hour before the fireworks are due to be set off, place your pet into the chosen room. If you’re concerned about not being able to locate your pet (for example, cats aren’t always easy to find), consider finding your pet several hours earlier. Mealtime is a good time to round up every pet, provided it falls before the fireworks are set off. If your dog needs a walk, be sure to walk her before confining her.

• Provide food and hydration. Be sure to leave sufficient water and food for your pet in the confinement space. Many pets will be uneasy, or even frantic. If your pet has access to water, it will help calm him, and food supplied in your pet’s regular portion will make him feel like it’s a normal day.

• Keep an eye on your pet, and if possible, stay with her. Comfort her and talk to her. Be calm and friendly, but don’t fuss over her too much; this can increase her anxiety if she picks up on yours and can reward and encourage fearful behavior. Allow your pet to hide in the room if they want to; this is a coping mechanism and is perfectly normal.

• Check on your pet after the fireworks. Reassure him and remove the protection (blankets, etc.) as long as you’re sure that the loud fireworks are over. Let him have free run of the house to see how he behaves before considering letting him return outside (it might be best to wait until morning, if possible). If your pet is stressed, keep him indoors overnight.

• Do a yard sweep before letting your pets back outside. Make sure any unfamiliar objects are picked up before letting pets outside.

Follow these steps to make the holiday less stressful for your pet. In addition, make sure your pets are tagged and micro-chipped with your current contact information. This will ensure that pets who do end up lost or missing can be returned home as quickly as possible. Happy Independence Day!

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