Instant Gratification Comes With A Price Tag



When faced with the prospect of reaching the federal debt ceiling, Mr. Obama devised a plan whereby the Congress would grant an increase in that limit, in exchange for an agreement to automatic spending cuts Jan. 1, 2013.

You achieved what you wanted, felt gratified that you had won, and kicked the can down the road.

When it was obvious that you had not come up with a budget that Congress would pass by the end of 2012, you were granted a reprieve by getting Congress to extend the deadline until March 1. Once again you weren’t concerned with a deadline, because you knew you could use the public to pressure Congress to cave in and provide more revenue through higher taxation to solve the problem.

You have been campaigning since January, taking your dog and pony show on the road, in an attempt to scare the public into pressuring Congress to give in. You devised the plan.

Well Mr. President, it is time to “Man Up” and take your lumps. No more blame for Mr. Bush, no more blame for the Republicans. It is time to realize that when you extend your index finger at someone or something, there are three fingers that point back at you.

Yes, you devised the plan that now has you on the precipice of the proverbial “cliff” and unless you take responsibility and negotiate rather than dictate, it will be you going over the cliff and taking the rest of our country with you.

Alan Kline


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