Obstructionist Government Hinders Economy



It is a shame when our own government tries to suppress legitimate business.

Examples include the Keystone pipeline, which would help enrich us.

Gila County is sitting on the third largest unexploited copper deposit on the planet, but the obstructionism by our government is so determined that the outfit trying to get the ore has laid off several hundred people in preliminary frustrated surrender. No jobs or tax money for suffering Gila County. So much for the Ds being for the unemployed.

In our neighboring state Colorado, the Democrat-dominated state House has passed a bill to outlaw one of the products of Magpul, a manufacturing enterprise that supports directly more than 500 jobs. It looks like the state Senate, controlled by the Democrats, is likely to pass a companion bill. The Democrat governor promises to sign it.

Payson needs manufacturing jobs. Customers want 30 round rifle magazines and other firearms accessories. If you want to encourage an $85 million company to come to Payson and set up shop, please write or e-mail magpul@magpul.com, Magpul Ind. Corp., P.O. Box 17697, Boulder, CO 80380.

Andy McKinney


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