Arizona Is An ‘Adult’



Since our beloved state is now 101 years old as of Feb. 14, 2013, we can now shed our adolescent behavior and start to act like an adult in the political sense.

Our entrance into the United States as the 48th state subjected us to enormous growing pains that were wonderful to watch and at the same time often painful to experience.

For example, we have leaned so far to the right politically that candidates that proclaim allegiance to the Republican Party frequently get elected despite their lack of qualifications and/or intelligence. Far too many of our politicians seem to be in office due to their loyalty to a donkey or to an elephant!

The point is that as we mature as a state we should refrain from voting for candidates simply because they belong to one party or another (this applies to both Democrats and Republicans). Let’s shed our adolescent views and sometime myopic political acuity and cast our ballots for people of integrity, intelligence and compassion.

Our next 100 years should and will be more glorious and successful than our previous 100 if we can remember that political balance is better than bravado and that bipartisanship beats brinksmanship.

An excellent starting point in our quest to be better in our second 100 years would be to vote for people based on their qualifications and not on their party affiliation.

Richard K. Meszar


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 10 months ago

"...cast our ballots for people of integrity, intelligence and compassion". When such an individual actually appears as a choice on the ballot , you can bet that this "non-affiliated" voter will give them due consideration. But I won't be holding my breath.


don evans 3 years, 10 months ago

So, if I understand you, that's why we have the President we do? Qualifications? Community Organizer?????


Rex Hinshaw 3 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Meszar, I read your lecture to us with interest. I have 3 questions for you... How long have you been in Arizona? Where did you come from? What political party are you affiliated with? Answers to these questions would help me,an Arizona native,understand what you are trying to tell me.


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