Offensive Choice



Your decision to publish a particular editorial cartoon about the pope on Feb. 26 was an extremely poor and insulting choice. The artist parades his ignorance of the Catholic faith and its purpose, and you hand on the fallacy.

Strange that the artist depicted the nun in a habit as she said, “Maybe [a pope] from the 21st century” as if the latest popes weren’t hip to the new normal of our current century.

As it is, most sisters have abandoned their habits and are indistinguishable from the rest of society. They are also disappearing at an alarming rate because they abandoned their traditions and walked (or ran) into the 21st century. Today they have no motor and no rudder. The only women’s communities that are growing are the ones who have not betrayed themselves, their founders, or their faith.

Same thing with the priesthood. The men’s orders, communities, and dioceses that have kept their heads and their faith by not “progressing” into the 21st century are growing steadily. Those who have embraced the spirit of whatever century they are in are disappearing. It is sad to watch them try to implement huge ad campaigns and catchy programs to bring men in and nothing happens. Experience and wisdom has shown that all it takes is a little faith, tradition, and the common sense to ignore the clarion call of liberals from any particular century who think they know more than an “Ever ancient, Ever new” Church guided by the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Church has weathered and overcome every heresy, schism, persecution, or political cartoon thrown at it. She also knows better than to think that everything that came before is outdated or irrelevant. As if the people who lived in the past were Neanderthals compared to “enlightened” modern humankind. Where’s the logic or proof there?

Some worldling “prophet” is always heralding the doom of the Catholic Church because they think it is irrelevant, still in the dark ages, out of touch, etc. Yet every century these same prophets disappear and the Catholic Church continues on into perpetuity as Jesus Christ set it up to do almost 2,000 years ago.

So the next time you want to put a religious cartoon in the paper maybe you will utilize a few more brain cells before publishing something stupid and illogical that hurts rather than helps those who do everything they can to benefit humanity and save souls.

Tim Branson


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