This Is The Proof — Not Really



Here we go again. During an outbreak of violence in New Orleans, at the time of Katrina, guns were confiscated from a segment of people involved in rioting. This is clear proof that the federal government is plotting the confiscating all guns from all citizens.

Many employees of many government departments are issued firearms. This is obvious and blatant proof that the federal government is plotting the confiscation all guns from all citizens.

Most Founding Fathers are on record stating over and over that citizens need to be armed to protect themselves from the government. (Actually, this one is very distorted and inaccurate. Some founders (not many) advocated citizens bearing arms to protect them in case a standing army became threatening. There was no standing army during much of the first years of the Republic, however.) But, no matter, this is absolute proof that the present government of the United States is plotting to confiscate all guns from all citizens.

Don’t you understand? Because of the obvious evidence of a plot by the present federal government to take away all firearms from all citizens, the NRA refuses to discuss any possibility to reduce violent crime. Makes perfect sense.

Here’s what I really see — I see a group of “patriots” standing at Concord Bridge shouting and waving muskets in the air, but no British are anywhere to be found.

Noble Collins


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Collins, With all due respect, you might want to examine the myriad of legislation that is currently being considered in many states right at this moment, such as New York, Colorado, and Maryland, that are proposing precisely what you say is someone's simple imagination. Many of the people sworn to uphold the Constitution of the US are on record as stating clearly that they want to ban/eliminate certain types of common firearms. Perhaps you do not see this as any threat since they are not proposing to ban muskets after all. But then the Federal government has lied to us on so many occasions, many seem to have become acceptable of those lies.

By the way, the firearms siezed in NOLA during Katrina were not simply taken from "thugs on the street", the police and National Guard actually conducted house to house searches and confiscated those arms found. It's a fact whether you choose to believe otherwise. Our access to "facts" are now more readily available and accessible to anyone who chooses to find them, without having to be spoon fed supposed "facts"by the Mainstream Media.


don evans 3 years, 10 months ago

Can you say "Kalifornia" or Diane Fienstein current proposed legislation. The Vino does affect the psyche.


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