Teachers’ Fears



The teachers main concern should be about testing.

If they don’t have the right qualifications are haven’t kept up to speed with changes in what class they teach, they should have fears about testing.

The teachers testing with the highest scores should be kept if there are cutbacks and seniority should factor in only if teachers with equal scores are to be laid off.

That way some teachers shouldn’t have to worry about job security.

As for reform that’s an ongoing thing in every trade, craft or business.

So don’t worry about it. That way there is only two things to worry about.

Hey, it’s only my opinion as I’m not involved in any of the above.

Now back to trying to solve my problems at hand.

I’m on my own doing that as I haven’t anyone to ask for an opinion.

And probably wouldn’t accept it if I did.

William Clayton


Roger Wholly 3 years, 10 months ago

William Clayton I agree with you 100% . Keep teach that teach to the test! What great teachers! Roger


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