Another Week In The Creek

Snow covered wagon in Christopher Creek

Snow covered wagon in Christopher Creek


Editor’s note: With the help of Rod Britain, we’re pumping up the content of our Christopher Creek column this week. Let us know what you think, e-mail or with comments.

Christopher Creek, 6,000 feet, is no stranger to snow. In 1967, we, as well as most of Rim Country, had six feet in one dramatic storm. In 1998, we had nearly five feet in one snow here in the Creek. One winter snow, in 2009, dumped nearly four feet on us. This year the snow total of nearly four feet has taken all winter. When you add that to the five-inch rain we had in January, we are well on the way to reaching our annual rainfall average of 25 inches. That is an average we have not hit in a good while. Now, do not get lulled by these little warm spells we will have. We can still get a good two-footer clear up until the end of April.

Birthday greetings go out to Chuck and Karen Schmitt. That might have escaped mention, but a reason was needed to note that they are, in fact, already working on their Christopher Creek Christmas Light Parade entry. Karen may not have actually had a hand in cutting out the reindeer, but you can rest assured she will get her hands on a paintbrush very soon. The reindeer will adorn the front of the sleigh, which is mounted over a six-wheel Gator. You can imagine the size if, as he says, they will not fit in the back of his pick-up. Santa will be so proud of his new ride.

The Schmitts have, in recent years, taken on the task of fixing and replacing all the plywood figures which decorate the Loop each holiday season.

For some good news, Randy Hoste and wife Patti, from out on Colcord Road, attended the card gathering at Dennis and Kelli O’Neill’s home in See Canyon; they reported on Randy’s shoulder surgery, which he had on Wednesday. Early last fall, Randy had suffered a freak accident on the road job between here and Kohl’s Ranch, resulting in a compound fracture of the left arm just below the shoulder. Subsequent rehab was not going all that well and his arm movement was quite restricted. The doctor is now telling him there is a good chance he will have a nearly full range of motion.

Speaking of the O’Neills, they told us about two bobcats, one larger than the other, cavorting on the rear walkway last week. It is, indeed, a treat just to see a bobcat, mountain lion, bear or a ring-tailed cat here in the Creek. Mike Bailey in C-Canyon RV Park and Karen Thornton, on the west end of Columbine Road, both saw the same pair of javelina on Friday.

Artists and craft people should note that the Firebelles’ Arts, Crafts and Brats Festival will be on May 25 and that’s Memorial Day weekend. Linda Digman at (928) 478-4011 will reserve a spot for you.

The Creek area should be well represented tomorrow night at the Taste of Rim Country. Randy Slapnicka and Chris Taylor from the Zane Grey restaurant at Kohl’s Ranch will be there. Desiree and her Creekside crew, who finished third last year, will look to better their achievement. Sadly, Cindi from the Landmark, who was second last year, was forced to withdraw, but we will see them next year. Cindi and Gary are getting ready to reopen the Landmark for the St. Paddy’s weekend. Finally, the bunch from Journigan House in Payson will be led by manager Kevin Mystrom, one of the Gordon Canyon Mystrom gang and from the old Landmark. Good luck to all!

The Wildflowers of the Creek had lunch at Journigan House on Wednesday.

John and Donna Buchholz, from Ponderosa Estates and Carefree, are certainly proud of granddaughter Morgan for her accomplishments in the Arabian horse competition ... blue ribbon, Morgan?

Certainly must mention the Marcia Dallesandro birthday lunch, hosted by Debbie Farrell and Rhea Hoedl. You see, Miss Dallesandro is six months my senior and has suffered my reminders and harassment for more than 40 years.

Marge Morrison has moved to the Valley, but will continue to attend church here. She must have tired of the knee-deep snow.

Back in the day, in the late 1980s, there were so many Johns in the Creek that we had to give them all a second name. Creekside John Matus and his dad, Big John, lead the list. Then, there was Woodcutter John who is now at Pizza Factory. Doctor John was a self-professed rat doctor, doing research at Barrows. Snowplow John was the other half of John and Jimmie Williams, now in Globe. Painter Johnny was a weekender, also out of Globe. In later years, along came Monkey John, now back in Arkansas with wife Ingrid Monk, Budlight John Marksbury, then Johnny Five, and then Buchholz as the parade of Johns continues ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


Linda Teasley 3 years, 10 months ago

Nice job from this columnist. Lots of interesting color.


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