Apology Due For Editorial Cartoon Of Feb. 26



I am writing in response to the editorial cartoon that was published in the Payson Roundup on Feb. 26.

First of all, the cartoon makes fun of Pope Benedict XVI resigning from his position as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Benedict is 85 years old. Not only is he the Holy Father and leader of the Catholic Church, he is a man who suffers all of the ills and trials of being 85 years old. How many men of other religious denominations would take on the responsibilities that Pope Benedict has had in his past eight years as Pope?

I can only attribute this insulting cartoon to ignorance and animosity and lack of respect toward the Catholic Church and its leaders. The cartoon pokes fun at the Cardinals who will choose Pope Benedict XVI’s replacement. These Cardinals will be led by prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit in making this important decision, not by the geographical area that the new Pope is from.

Finally, the cartoon features a nun praying that the new Pope be “one from the 21st century.” First of all, women who devote their life to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church do so because they are called by the Lord to lead this kind of life, not because of any kind of discrimination against women.

Furthermore, the Catholic Church clings to the Doctrine of Faith and the traditions of the holy Catholic Church. These traditions and practices are not outmoded because they do not conform to the practices of our secular society today. Rather, these rich traditions and practices of the Holy Catholic Church form the foundation of the Church founded by Jesus Christ, which the Catholic Church and its leaders strive to preserve and protect.

As a “cradle Catholic” I treasure the faith that was given to me by my parents at baptism and in eight years of Catholic education. I am insulted and outraged by the cartoon that was published by the Payson Roundup on Feb. 26 and hope that you will find it in your hearts to rescind the cartoon and issue an apology to all Catholics and the Catholic Church.

Susan Mesner Waszak


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