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It would really be a good thing if the editor could refrain from editing when posing as a reporter. Mr. Aleshire’s coverage of Congressman Gosar’s remarks was misleading at best.

Mr. Aleshire fails to note in his claim of Obama offering a mixture of cuts and tax increases that the Republicans gave Obama his $600 billion in new taxes in January. The current negotiations were supposed to be only about the cutting spending side of the deal Obama “promised” to get his tax increase. Unfortunate, for years, the left has played this game of new taxes now and spending cuts later. The cuts never happen!

Actually Obama offered nothing but more demagoging campaign speeches.

In the original negotiations, Boehner and Obama had a deal. Then Obama came back and demanded $800 billion in additional taxes. Barack Obama is Charlie Brown’s Lucy, but with drastic consequences for the country.

The article also fails to include the fact that the only real cut as a result will be to the military, after already cutting the military $400 billion last year.

The 2 percent sequester cuts in the rest of spending is only a reduction in the increase. To keep it simple, suppose a government program was budgeted $100 this year, and expects a $10 increase next year to $110. The sequester cuts this $10 increase to $8. Only in Washington is an 8 percent increase a 2 percent decrease!

Since there are no actual spending cuts, any cutbacks felt will be as a result of Obama’s Alinsky tactics of inflicting the maximum pain on the most people possible to gain support for his destructive Marxist agenda.

We are already seeing Obama surrogates lying to us about airport delays and other phony cutbacks that do not exist.

Dale Oestmann


don evans 3 years, 10 months ago

I'm tellin ya, Obama was a used car salesman, not a community organizer.


Pat Randall 3 years, 10 months ago

I am sick of seeing and hearing "used car salesman" as a negative thing. There are many good honest used car salespeople. There are many types of work where there are not good honest people. Use them as examples for awhile.


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